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There's just an extra Jersey number forty one and <hes> so the question is you're Kinda like Kobe in Jordan in a sense like number forty one Joe Schwarz taxes is like the Greatest D. One basketball player ever so right but then number twenty five has all the experience so which which is the better version forty one or twenty five. That's a tough question. I think if we're just talking I mean statistically I think you have to go with forty more than the stats and the numbers don't lie don't lie though Oh so forty-one would would be the one I would go with but I I have to say for being a six three private school shooting going coming from a decently decently Athletic Family Dad Played College Ball. Mom Played Sports in high school and I mean brother was all intermural Morterero. I mean this kid. I think I have a lot of Texas year. Just all the Dr Fits in Suffolk get. That kid has more intermural championships than anyone. I know it's a volley water volleyball sand volleyball softball flag football. I mean this kid was I actually lived with him. <hes> his senior year my junior year in four nights a week this kid so I got real this intermural that I thirty tonight and I'm like thirty what receiving yards of points I mean I couldn't keep up with the sports. He was flying but <hes> no..

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