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Average eighteen points again. Correct. Yeah. They put a thirty one in the period. Myers kicks. It. Off admires has been consistent that kit from Mars was not as high as Nope. He's got. Maybe he's getting tired plan on kicking off this butts. So the coaching you find something. Hey, Jason pick it up. You need a little more. Hang time on kick. Another touchback, by the way, and Stafford is trying to keep his guys. Engage clapping as he loves them into the huddle. Remember how that drive ended for the lions golden Tate drops the ball. Then you miss the field goal. This is the game of be motion. So the defense trots out there emotionally drained after watching should have been a conversion and then appeal gold, and then they give up the long run fifty four seconds to go in the third Stafford in the lions have it first and ten of twenty five Stafford over the middle. It's caught by golden Tate. Takes ride field is limited to five yards. As is brought down there. You know, I'm gonna give you another flashback James nineteen Ninety-seven. You were in the building. The jets were in Seattle. The first game of the Bill Parcells era and the jets lit up the scoreboard. Nobody expected it. They will one in fifteen year before staffer throwing again over the middle and another catch made by Tate who stumbles forward for a I doubt Neil, Donald Kyle. They were tossing it all over the field, and you could tell right there that the jets are going to be competitive that year. The toughest thing for Todd Bowles will be to get his team in the frame of mind that.

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