Director, Deputy Director, Andrew Mccabe discussed on Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast


The questions that need to be asked of these agents now i've i've been asked before is it possible that the director doesn't know what's being presented to the face of court judge i will tell you why that so hard to believe the rule making behind the fis the court expressly indicated that the director and a deputy director are the only authorities that can govern the fis a court authority that they seek to obtain now can be delegated but it's very limited on on that so it's very hard to believe that it doesn't go all the way i have to the top that's why i say that when an andrew mccabe the deputy director the fbi says to the senate intel committee we would never have gotten this wire on carter page had we not use the dossier and then then call me his bosses we know the dossiers on verify i put those two sapiens together and i go there's got to be a crime here maybe it so make me they were just the gang the couldn't shoot straight but it's hard to believe a guy like colmey a mccabe these guys would be that stupid it is incredibly damaging to acknowledge that that they would not have gotten the still dossier or a gotten a warrant without the still dossier that if that is accurate that is one of the most damaging uh facts in this this scenario and it doesn't matter of your democrats republicans on that committee say an acquitted hang animal that's correct and the fact that they could not have a you know acquired this search warrant without steel dossier and then what did they know and when did they know it and if they knew that wasn't accurate or that it was paid for they had an obligation to bring that to the fis a court judge and i would also say goal the judge had an obligation to ask questions and find out who is this steel and why why is it that that this dossier right on a guy has admitted as far as i know okay that they didn't tell the judge that the steel dossier was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign.

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