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Going to check in with Tom Terry coming up at about ninety seconds or so maybe two minutes and get that full five day forecast from him. So hang on five. Oh nine now. Our land does morning news. I'm Marie computer. And I'm Marsha Taylor. Today. Seaworld is going to start building its new corporate headquarters at the theme park. The almost forty one thousand square foot building in Orlando will house corporate employees. It's part of a growing period for the company and the first six months of the two thousand eighteen fiscal year. See world's revenue was up almost nine percent. From last year that building will open in the fall of twenty nineteen this Seminole county. Fire department, preparing to officially open, a brand new fire station. Commissioners will cut the rich. Urban on fire station twenty nine later this morning that new stations located on via Loma driving veto the construction of the new station was delayed by almost a decade. Thanks to the economic recession in two thousand eight the new station will provide services for people living in Jamestown, Aloma woods and sections of tusker willa, Kevin refuses ninety six point five WDBO. Well, if you plan to visit downtown Orlando over the weekend, you may run into more traffic than normal at ten tomorrow night, crews will close colonial drive between orange and garland avenues to putting cables and trusses for the new pedestrian bridge. The road will reopen Saturday at six AM then close again overnight Saturday into Sunday, the university of central Florida's students struggling to graduate on time due to financial hardship may soon. Get some help for paying for college. UCF's new constellation fund is committing forty million dollars to scholarships and other financial aid to support low and middle income students almost half of which work more than twenty hours a week. Want them to be able to focus on school and reduce those work-hours spokesman marks lube tells me much of UCF student body is older and have fulltime jobs or families were doing some data mining to identify students who are for instance, at risk of not graduating on time. They then reach out to those students to see if there's any financial hurdles preventing them from pursuing their degree turn scales. News ninety six point five WDBO. Good morning. It's five eleven non Orlando's morning news here. It is our full five day forecast. It is brought to you by Tuffy tire and auto service come on and Tom Joe, we're tracking a major front headed our way for today. Pretty.

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