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I should say so. It's not like apples to apples. These preseason games at least the first week were not one's going against the ones at but again you know justin field very good very good ricky debut however i'm still in the camp of i don't wanna see him start week one l. We can fight if you want. But but the. I need the perspective from people. Because i feel like everybody's look how great he plays. Look zabel escape pressure. Did it off. The bears have the greatest offensive line so use his legs escape the pressure. That's why they went to mitchell. Trubisky okay fine. That's great however because the bears may not have the best offensive line. We want to them. Sacrifice justin fields. We say like oh well. He's got some legs so he can escape pressure. That's not the condition that you wanna put him in. It's like he's supposed to be the future. You know what. I mean like that. So i kinda Tv this week. I'm going on monday. I cannot wait to sort of like be the voice of reason a little bit. Because i feel like The high expectations the high standards sort of like we had analysts. Talking about how justin fields five months ago was not a hard worker. Like you didn't want to be great. Didn't want to put the work in you know. Would you know was a slow processor. Didn't go through his reason. All of a sudden those same people want him to start. It's sort of like like what are you talking about. does he suck earthy. The greatest like elegant need to pick side..

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