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Members of the victim. Journalists lawyers watch And so they're they're able to say their last words and part of the audience and then they're killed by lethal injection so there's a doctor ducks into their van or that causes paralysis but if they feel pain or agony you can't see it because they're paralyzed can't show it and then the other injection. I'm sorry you had to hear that but as we promise you. These are difficult conversations that we need to have like in a previous volume volume sixty one. We covered purpose. I find it insane. The humbling to think vat can find purpose while being on death row. I guess i'd volume spoke a lot of amazing things. Including i think i really advanced my understanding of not just social psychology. But it's and i think parts directly to your podcast Its relation to economics and trends. When i begin reading. Malcolm god will I'm a big fan of his work and When i read the book tipping point. It really began me to look at large-scale social psychological phenomenon. And how they influence our thinking through trends so of course if you haven't listened to that one go downloaded and q. It for late listening but that gentleman he hood his name is allow me. While i was talking with jesse. She recalled this coat that he has. But i also eve. She remembered that story at old. I don't remember During class what he would save but there are a couple of quotes from his letters that his early ones that he wrote to me years ago. That still stick with me because they were so powerful and one of them. I remember him saying is He said i can't quote him exactly but As i go through live seeing things and learning about things that i can no longer taste or touch or feel. I beg god for mercy and i plead with him to give my time here purpose beyond punishment and that was actually the purpose Punishment was a title that i considered for the book. Because i just thought that that phrase so embodies these men and what i know about them is they're relentless pursuit of finding purpose in their life of in being on death row. That goes beyond the punishment. They all do it all for them and they do. It's successfully and it's so impressive to those of us on the outside just very inspiring to remind us to also find our purpose and not let anything get in the way and tessie d you remember meeting law for the first time i met lyle and the journaling class. I remember him because he was very quiet but he was really really smart. It was one of those people who rarely spoke when he did speak. The whole room was quiet because everyone was listening to him. And what's always impressed me about him. Since then is this is a guy who's been on death row since he was nineteen years old is never handled a computer before he's never been on. The internet is never handled a smart fall and yet he manages to network from inside the prison even before they had access to phones and he would know people in the government and he goes out and gets his own interviews independently of a He is connected at columbia university and yell and he's just he's pursuing all these degrees he has a higher degree than i do. I think education all this from within the prison. And i'm just like okay. Dude no excuse. Yes no excuses. I know that these volumes and these topics have opened your mind up a little and if you like to get involved well tessie. How can they get involved. We have a book club that we do and we do it for five weeks in each week. One of the guys calls in and so everybody gets to ask questions. We've had people from australia. Participate in the book club links and how to get in touch with to get involved in the book club will be in the show. Notes at psychology of entrepreneurship dot com. So go check that out the psychology of entrepreneurship idea. No one should ever be forced into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is something. When you have to move desire to solve a problem that she obsesses folly if you want to do a small put in the world you started on good in the war you start for prompt. And here's why because frossard is the engine that allows you to scale. Are the people who sit in audience and kobe hitting all this. You can't do it. And do the other side i talk. I interviewed tessie because Steel is an author journalist and public speeco who specializes in stories on criminal justice drug policy prison reform and racial equity. She co wrote her first book. Crimson letters voices from that row with four men serving sentences in north carolina. Whom by the way she met while volunteering in north carolina central prison back in two thousand fourteen while volunteering custodio was moved by the wisdom humidity and accountability of the men in prison. And then she wrote aditorial in two thousand. Fourteen may to the really news and observer advocating for the humanity of people on that throw crimson letters illuminates the complex issue of choice and circumstance that brought four men on death row and their search for hope and bogus beyond ause since its publication castille and her co authors who all call from prison in speaking on criminal justice issues and sharing their story with universities. Faith groups non prophets radio shows podcasts. Like myself and some pretty ones around the planet they host a free book club which you can find in the show notes and the link to that she is an amazing human being. I love her humanity. And she's a dear friend. This is a must five production special. Thanks to every guest expert that has appeared on the show. Editing voice overs and sound design by kelly bodyman and bigger guess research by jan elliott content by korean castles project managed by the legend. That is kelly and produced and hosted by me rossi. Vase for more episodes and way to listen. Go to must-have dot com slash p. e. love the polish audio docu. Series style of this. Podcast the psychology of entrepreneurship podcast. You can learn how to create a similar style. The european sherry this revolutionary virtual event assembled podcast entrepreneurs end market is in one spot. So you're able to learn from the mosses head straight so we podcast dot com to reserve your spot at our next event..

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