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I'm like okay. For the single saints now. And so now we saw how you count your money or how you determine. That you know, 'cause. A of people would think. Oh, she's blind I could give her a one dollar bill and tell her it's one hundred you know, but you have a you know. A little device takes picture I mean your phone basically. And happens before it's happened a few times, but I have a whole system because a lot of people. That like strippers are like they're entitled to do certain things for them in and then make Beta because the customer knows that they have what we want. A have eat, so there's like a sense of entitlement so with a lot of a site advances like okay van slumming that I'll tip. You do VIP or Champagne. With that I'll take me on the other hand. You know there's been situations where the girls event sheet about a month, so I saw all of us when you go to public slur shopping the pleasure you know. They. Don't give your Bros response before you pay for them. We're GONNA need for you, so you know. Some cash cop some cash. And I scan it right then and there. Make sure it's accurate, and then he gets his dance in his entertainment. He goes. I can't go chase them down or he says Oh let me once ATM. Real quick, and he walks out the front door then I'm out of my fathers amongst chunk of money. So you are not just a stripper. Although we love strippers, you could just be really thrilled with you, but you're also a rapper, right? Yeah I'm I'm. I'm a little spouting? And the West community, okay, rattling a sprout link. Should should we do a rap Acapella, or should we play one I? Think we might have won on a definitely set one. Okay, so we could play it here. She is Kashmir on the Dr Susan Bloch Show..

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