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I know it must be worth in back available now on your apple pods, Smart speaker to say play KNBR. Yeah, well, the Giants remember them. They haven't seen orange baseball and Jastremski. Somewhere in there looking like a friend you'll lose touch with for a while and you need to get re acquainted briefly showed up on Sunday. But since they didn't play Friday, didn't play Saturday. Didn't play Monday. Didn't play Tuesday. They're back tonight. At Oracle Park only to be the visiting team wearing road graze in batting in the top of the first so all crazy stuff to talk about with Andy Baggaley of the athletic Our weekly check in here, Andrew Good morning on the home a guest line. How are you? Hey, bags. Good morning. Good morning. How's everybody? We're breathing a little better, right? Conceive this guy That's good. Yeah, This guy's actually blew its like that. That's the color should be no man's amazing thing. It was one week ago today, I think was the orange Day was that was the Mars Day, So we've come a long way, baby. Okay, let's go through before getting some big picture giant stuff. Just go with the nitty gritty details here. They're the visiting team for the next two days. They'll be wearing their road grays and In baton in the top of the inning. I guess we stopped short of change in dugouts cell, right, Andy? Yeah, I think they're going to use the same dugout. Same clubhouse is for visiting at home. And we've seen this before. In 2013, there was was now in Cincinnati on July 4th. And I know the Reds did not want to give up. It was a son, a crowd. Obviously fireworks and everything like that. And then just when the weather was awful, he couldn't get it in. And the only time they had left on the schedule. I think there was like there was a mutual ofthe day where the Giants were gonna be finishing the course field. In the rock here in the red, you be alive. There was some talk that they would move it to a neutral site course killed game because of what happened to intersect there. But then they said, no 23 games in a row. We're not gonna do that. Let's just have the Reds play. The home team in San Francisco when they visit San Francisco later on in July. So that's what they did. And Dusty Baker was the manager then in the giant's plate, game one of the home team and played that everybody changed uniforms. They played a game to is the road team in the Reds. You know about it, Suck it, And so that's that's kind of a flavor of what we're going to see you in the next two games. The Mariners, you're going to be designated. Home team. No man. So there you go, Guys, don't you've been amply warned. If you tune in tonight and you see the Giants in Grey don't flip out. It's just for the next two days actually know. Then they'll go to Oakland, where their graves on Friday so I guess the biggest news to happen to them other than this crazy travel in the false Covic Dickerson is the Kevin Gausman news. And just kind of get to get the latest no structural damage. But are we Are we certain that he can pitch this weekend accomplished there? They still gonna wait a day or two. Well get capital. Did hedge a little bit, He said. Look, we still need to make sure that he's gonna be okay to make this start this weekend. No clearly got some inflammation in there because he wouldn't have tightness otherwise, so I'm sure they're doing things to try to calm that down. But, yeah, no. No structural damage. That's that, obviously is is really good news and you just celebrated could get these days. So ah, They're looking to hold him back in this weekend against the A's, and that's just going to be so critical. I mean, regardless of the fact that he's you know, private, their best starting pitcher this year. They just don't have a whole lot of rotation depth. And now all of a sudden you're in a position where instead of having a lot of flexibility with one ofthe day coming up Thursday that that's not going to be an offing island. In fact, we're going to end the season. With 13 games in 12 days, so they're they're starting pitching is really going to be tested. You know, one through five or beyond. So not having Kevin Gausman be a part of that mixed with the world be a crippling blow to this team even more so and, uh and then you look at the play offs and if you start having Cem Some hope that the Giants could sneak out of a first round. Siri's. Now you look at the way that the division series in the LCS or set up there's no off days anymore, so teams can't sort of, you know, deploy their ace multiple times in a row. A five game series. So Yeah, Rotation depth is going to be really, really important. If if you dare to dream a little bit, it's It's huge news. And by the way, forgive my ignorance here on the 13 games in 12 days, which is the doubleheader they have coming up. Yeah, they haven't rescheduled the one game in San Diego that they couldn't make up. They only made of one of the two games. We only played three out of four that responsibly in San Diego. So so they're going to fold that we're back in when the Padres visit for the final Siri's final weekend of the regular season. And they haven't announced when that's gonna be yet And that would be one for the road Graze again, Boy. I would presume. So This's the reason where their home whatever word yellow, whatever whatever the designate camera and by the way, just a quick detour on the Padres because we talked about this with Mike and Dwayne Monday and Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday, but I said, it's like the Giants are watching the neighbors fight, right. You're out on the lawn. You're here and you're seeing these two neighbors have a dispute, and they're yelling at each other for the Padres and Dodgers, or Ah, they're ramping up intensity and the Niners. The Giants are kind of Ah, eating their popcorn up here in San Francisco, watching Yeah, It's been some interesting theater and ah ah, transgression and clean her shot and wounded a little bit Dave around getting into it And, you know, really, It's kind of interesting thought exercises do the Giants and you may get in as the number eight C and you're going to face pretty much. Whoever wins in a West has one seat. Who would you rather him serious? Would you rather face the pod ways Would you rather face But the daughters or I don't know not only entertainment purposes that chance and knock out the Dodgers go to something Giants fans would want to relish..

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