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Us president joe biden gives his first press conference at the white house since taking office and many of us what took him so long. The owner of the huge vessel that has blocked section of the suez canal has apologized for the backing up of ships. Within one of the world's most important trading routes and candidates in the meryl races currently underway in. London and new york city continued to set out their stalls will have the latest on each race for you before the end of the program. Monaco editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today. On the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four hallo. They're very warm. Welcome to you to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It is thursday the twenty fifth of march and. I'm thomas here in toronto and joining us. Today from london is monocle twenty four qatar rabelo and from new york city. Monaco's henry reese sheridan henry great to have you both with us on the program. Today at kolata is thursday. Almost the end of another week but a brand new episode the herbalist has just been brooke us your monocle. Twenty four and he gives a sneak peek of. What's in store for us this week for those. Have another chance to hear it yet. hi tom. Es this week. While we're we're going to speak about mr biden in a few minutes from now but actually this week. We're looking at the new dawn for transportation in the united states. People will know that. Joe biden is nicknamed amtrak joe and now having pete buttigieg mayor pete at the helm of the transport as transport secretary has opened up all these questions about the future of transit in the united states. And so we profile beds The state of the rail infrastructure in the country have few of damore Groundbreaking initiatives to try to shift the conversation away from automobiles particularly on the west coast as we know very car. Centric part of the us And yes a little wondering and musing on what This pairing of amtrak ago and mayor. Pete can bring to the country and henry imagining that you're fond of her the trainer new or to you dreaming of the day you can hop back onto an amtrak train sometime in the afc jet. I'm fantasizing ninety about getting back in the in the bank seats of the long island. Railroad look keeping us guessing on what adventure will look like. Sheridan aunt called rabelo. Great to have you both with us on the program tonight where we begin. Today's show in the united states. Where president joe biden has given his first press conference since taking the oath of office in late january. Some had asked why it's taken president biden so long to hold a former press conference. It's been sixty five days. Since he assumed the presidency and every one of his predecessors since calvin coolidge who was president of the nineteen twenties at all held a former encounter with the press by a comparible point in their presidencies collado before we get into the importance of the presidential press conference at today's encounter with the press for joe biden comes at a particular time of pressure for him early on in his presidency. Doesn't it oh absolutely We're likely to see. Joe biden being pressed particularly on the issue of gun control in the us. Anita remember that to Mass shootings happened within a week. Very recently a also the figures for an employment have been released so that's likely to be another a focus of the press conference at least when it comes to the questions being directed at him as mentioned is sixty five days since Well sixty five days. A no formal press conference has been held a lot of speculation on why that might be the case You know the idea that we were so overwhelmed during the trump years That perhaps is on a bad thing now not to be around the clock looking at what the next press conference might be saying now. biden's white house is of course a under a lot of pressure because of all of these issues. Immigration is another one as well. But also i think The you know this is the first time that he will be addressing. The nation since The cove nineteen relief. Bill has been passed. And there's a lot of questions There as well On what that means in reality for citizens so these are all a lot of really serious consequential issues Almost a perfect storm in a weird way. I don't think this press conference could have come at a better time in terms of people needing answers and in terms of helping biden using use this platform to Pro pro to properly spread the message that he's trying to say from his white house and from his administration and henry there had been a growing chorus of and questions asking why biden hasn't held a press conference before now in your opinion. Do you think those questions have sort of. Put a bit of a focus on the value of the president. Taking questions directly from the prestige questions were not fair. I do think that they were fair to an extent. And i do also think that they shine a light on or thrown into relief. Exactly the point of official white house press briefings. Are there a somewhat unusual type of interaction between the highest elected official in america and the press the somewhat theatrical everyone i'm sure listening is familiar with format. The the president standing at the front of the white house briefing room behind the lectern picking reporters who form the right of the white house press corps which is a kind of prestigious group of journalists that have their own culture faced criticism in the past for being a forum for grandstanding. On both sides of the lectern both the president a well presidents in the past and the journalists are called upon sometimes can use can use is an opportunity to kind of Flexor theatrical but. I think that it's a legitimate mechanism. For holding the president to account and i also think that it does provide a degree of visibility for people to be able to see the president reaches a broader audience than interviews with for example specific press outlets which is what biden has restricted himself to so far in his presidency. So i think that although they can be made fun of of the utility can be questioned somewhat. I do think it's important for presidents to engage with them particularly president like biden. Who is looking to reestablish what is considered a normal relationship with the press after donald trump's presidency while we will have further analysis for you from today's press conference at the white house on tomorrow morning's edition of the globalist hero monocle twenty four that begins live from london at seven. Am london time well next here. On the late edition the effort to unblock. The suez canal has entered a new phase as dutch and japanese. Salvage teams have been brought in to try to free the two hundred twenty thousand ton ever given from the bank of one of the world's most important shipping routes. The vessel ran aground after reportedly being blown off by strong winds. On tuesday henry. The owner of the ever given has apologized for the delays. This instant is now causing but there are several reports circulating today about what might have to happen too to free up through. We've heard from one salvage company at the moment that it like. He isn't going to impossible to free it while the cocker is on board Unloading kaga is likely take several days. It's quite an unpredictable picture. Still isn't it. Yes so. I think the last time that a vessel stuck in the suez canal was also a japanese vessel. I think back in twenty seventeen in that instance tug boats were able to refloat it within a few hours. This is a completely different situation. The ceo of one of the salvage companies parent company has compared the ship to an enormous beached whale and has set the as you mentioned could take weeks to refloat and that could involve a complex process of systematically removing the cargo from the ship to make it light enough to reef refloat difficult to emphasize the extent of the disruption that causes to global trade a massive proportion of the world's trade with the cargo cargo anyway shipborne cargo canal and i think aside from the aside from the potential disruption to global trades. This could also say A kind of wild crisis within the shopping insurance industry all of the companies that have lost time and money because their ships have been delayed by this stuck ship are going to be filing their own insurance claims for damages. An well you can only imagine how messy that might get and carlotta th the time we're going to wear the reports are that there are some one hundred. Fifty ships backed up at the suez canal. This is only the third time. I believe that the as canal has effectively been closed in this way since it opened all the way back in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine so it is an extremely reliable thoroughfare historically even so do you think that the the grounding of the ever given has shown that there is still a precariousness to global trade given just how vast the volume of goods that passed through the suez canal. Every day is now that much traffic is ground to a halt..

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