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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Attorney General William Barr is giving federal prosecutors Thie authority to investigate any major 2020 voting irregularities that may be found. Bars memo excludes minor issues that would not change the outcome of the election. One by Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Now president elect the Trump campaign is pursuing legal challenges in several states related to mail in ballots and vote counting. There's been no evidence presented of any major vote fraud. With President Trump refusing to concede the 2020 election. Joe Biden has yet to receive daily intelligence briefings. Here's NPR's Greg Marie. This tradition of providing intelligence briefings to the president elect dates back more than half a century, according to David Preece, a former CIA officer. We've had the solid tradition since the 19 sixties, when the president's daily brief was first created. That he sitting president has offered it to the incoming president. But President Trump has not accepted the election result, and his administration has not yet authorized Biden and his team to start receiving government resources. This covers everything from office based desk in computers to intelligence briefings. Greg Marie NPR NEWS Washington The U. S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a case challenging the Affordable Care act. This is NPR news from Washington. You're listening to K C r w I'm Cherry Glaser. Well, as you just heard from NPR, California Attorney General Ha ve your boss Sarah and 20 Other stay. A G's are scheduled to go before the U. S. Supreme Court today. They'll be defending the affordable care act, also known as Obama care. AH, Group of Republican attorneys general is arguing against the health law under which millions of low income Americans became eligible for insurance. The plane to say, because the Trump administration zeroed out the penalty for going without coverage in 2017 that the whole act is unconstitutional. But Sarah says that's not the case. The other side doesn't have standing to bring this case in court. The individual mandate provision his constitution. The remember has come before the high court before. As you know, it's still sending. The court has until June to decide whether to leave the policy intact, dismantle it in its entirety or rule that the mandate is unconstitutional, But the rest of the law can stand. It's open enrollment time for the States. Insurance marketplace known as covered California case here, W Matt Dillon reports on a few dates You should keep in mind in some unknowns to be aware off. Amid the Corona virus Pandemic. Supreme Court is hearing arguments about the affordable care act this week, High court could strike down part or all of the program that created covered California. Despite the questions swirling about the survival of the experts say a final decision in the case likely won't come down until well into 2021. That means people who sign up now could expect coverage to last through the next year. Now for the dates open enrollment for Californians lasts through the end of January. However, if you want to sign up for coverage that will begin at the start of the new year, you have to enroll by December 15th. If you're without coverage and needed for the month of December, you need to sign up by November. 30th. Millions of people have lost employer provided health insurance after being laid off during the pandemic. Officials with covered California say they expect to see a significant number of sign ups for 2021 coverage, with the threat from Cove in 19 and an uncertain economy. And voters in West Hollywood appear to have jettison the city's two longest turning council members. The results aren't official get. But John Heilman, a council member for 36 years, looks to be on his way out. Same goes for John Duran, who served for nearly 20 years but has been dogged by allegations of sexual harassment. Newcomers are leading the at large race, which included a total of 11 candidates vying for two seats. Support for NPR comes from Abdullah providing technology for business tax compliance using cloud base, real time rate calculation and automatic return filing more of a B A. L A are a dot com And from tire and offering a tire decision guide and user reviews to help people find tires that fit their needs and driving conditions. Learn Maura tire rack dot com It's 6 34 on Casey. It's morning edition from NPR News. I'm Noelle King and I'm David Greene. The 2020 election did not produce the blue wave Democrats wanted. The party lost more than half a dozen seats in the House. The Senate Republicans are poised to retain control, and that has huge implications for President elect Biden's agenda. His Cabinet picks his judicial nominees. Our co. Steve talked to Tom Perez, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Perez says he will not dwell on missed opportunities. He'd rather focus on Biden's accomplishment. Well, this was a historic, decisive victory. And then when you put the broader context, Eve, where were we in 2017? Where Where are we now? We had 15 governors in 20. 17. We have 24 Now we didn't have the house representatives and we have Speaker Pelosi. Now we're always disappointed when we lose seats when you look at the six or seven seats that we've lost. They were all in a very red territories. Let me follow up on what you said there. You're absolutely correct to describe Joe Biden's win as significant and his popular vote margin to be substantial. And yet it does appear that on the Republican side there was Something north of 70 Million votes is the country's sending You something of a mixed message here. Well, I often said when I was out on the campaign stop, Steve that our goals are to defeat Trump and to defeat Trumpism. Defeating Trump required 270 electoral votes or more, and we succeeded in that defeated in Trumpism is a longer term challenge because Trumpism predates Trump And I would argue that Trumpism and some of the underlying challenges there in some small no small measure may date back 400 years and we need to understand that and I could big of no better person. To leave that challenge. Then the president elect hey, is a uniter. What is the strategy for Democrats in these upcoming Georgia runoff races, which could decide control of the Senate? Biden has a very narrow lead with a recount coming is perhaps the best way to put it. But it's a state that has been more conservative than others. What's your strategy to expand the electorate and Stacey Abrams has led that effort dating back to her race for governor in 2018. You look at the number of first time voters in Georgia in 2020. It's It's a remarkable fusion coalition. We are organizing all over that state. Making sure that people registered to vote and you can bet your bottom dollar that we will continue to do that. Let me ask about the future of the Democratic Party. The disappointments in the House of Representatives have sparked a lively debate. One lawmaker blaming defund the police and the socialism label for hurting Democrats Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, saying people in different districts need to run different campaigns. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Democratic socialist pushing back on that What do you make of all that? We are a Democratic party. That is a big tent. I welcome that and I look at the platform of the Democratic Party, and it reflects. I think the bold level of inclusion across America It's a platform that stands for the notion that The person matters that we should trust science over fiction that we we can expand access to healthcare. That health care should be a right for all, not a privilege for a few. And this was the platform that one for Joe Biden. It's a very Ambitious platform. It's a bold platform. It's a platform that we can all embrace as Democrats and the discussions that we're having now again, the challenges were born out of our success in 2018. We want So many seats in areas that were beat red districts. And so it was going to be difficult when Donald Trump was on the ballot to sustain some of those victories because you had people coming out in force. Ah, again. I think it's really important to look at the broader context of Where we are now electorally versus where we were at the end of 2016. Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Mr chairman. It's always a pleasure talking with you. Thank you. Thank you, Steve..

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