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Welcome back to business rockstars i'm alex burly continuing my conversation with robin a young she's the founder of robin young and company so let's talk about where the idea came from i mean i know that you had this plethora of experience in branding unita you want us to be an entrepreneur but what made you go this is that robin young inco it's so funny because when i first started who didn't have much direction because i had ha i had worked in all of these different facets rate so of course you know me i'm like okay we're going to be a full service like from the get go we're going to these social media and contents regime branding design the whole gamut right on the funding part was is that it wasn't until i got more clear on my own brands on that vision and who is i speaking scale what was really important to me that i started to be successful in my business so i am so a really kind of took a step back after a couple of months of of just in the in the in a mouse we'll and not really getting anywhere with it on i took a step back and said what's really important me at what's the nation that i can carve out for myself that i really love and i really do well on so i i teams you okay i've worked with so many startups who you know you ha you have basically graphic designers who expect you to come to the table with that brand strategy you have strategists to maybe they'll help you with a strategy part that they don't do design and then you have these major at agencies heard in a charge you in all fifty grand for you to get a full suite.

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