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Plot applying. Principles of wisdom and insight. Is that make sense? Yes. What no It's difficult when we sometimes know so I mean certain things well, medical thing like skinning fan of certain things which can be done from. Our own self you yourself known. You know you'd be ourself no problem in. Unison, not going to see a doctor distinct day. Say Their Way. They say what decided? You have to do it away. Okay. Weighing down way of doing things the way of doing treating it. Okay. So. So being Buddhist. Is Difficult to mention why me sometimes dance. There is A. Certain certain times, there's conflict to you find. Not. Necessarily I mean look if. You've got all. Human Societies quite complicated all these different dynamics going on. But the ultimate truth is no matter who you are. Like within the Human Rome anywhere else in the universe that Colson effect is the law of laws it doesn't matter if you're the most incredible. Surgeon, all pharmacist or Or General Practitioner or over biologists chemists in the world. It's all it's causing effect is the lore of laws. This is this is this is the law which underlies all the science. Yes. But this medical people taunting that we didn't think their way LECTU surgery cut this cut in all these things they do. You don't play that game. You're basically. You know. Let me think. There are certain things you can do. To give you an give you an example, my brother, my brother. Had A. Very. He had a spot he had and the Klay Voyage. She. She told him that twenty years previously. She said there's something on your right lower leg and she said it's very serious and she said you've got to get that checked out and that was twenty years before it happened and the ended up with this funny Hansa spot? On the on the the right lower late on the right lower lake and it was the color was bad and it was the same was increasing in size and it was abnormal. It looked normal you went to the GP specialists on call on colleges. And the specialist said. Cut. A long story short he had to to to cancers taken out one had a cancer on the shoulder one in the mouth. And while he was in under. An operating theater. was completely out they him met they got the tests back for the leg and had gone into the bone and the surgeon said Robert said the cancers aggressive is gone into the bone. You. Said what you WANNA do. And unfortunately. My, brother opted for. Had taken off is an amputee now and but we have a paste that we use in the monastery and it would have stopped that cancer dead in its tracks and if only heated told me. If you had told me I would have sent of got it immediately. I would fast tracked at over got in two days. And you could have saved it. He was. Really Athletic. This any other and people get really that you know you make you make certain choices decisions and it can really stuff you up but it's like you just have to learn. You know. is going to be a long at know what you've been in the. Case I mean the cases it works their way. Okay. But there are certain cases which books the Causal Way Tuner like doing the rinsed we treat there's some people the spoke about their experiences. No are you seeing the Dharma to help solve the problem? Lauren. Shot. It's okay because catch up with me later but you you you. You can cause an effect. You can live your life according to cause and effect no matter what you're doing. No, I'm trying to elevate. The. Physician. You have a choice. You know. How Going keep going keep going. There should be recognition that should be recognition for the costlo thing to. For for for the medical fraternity. Yes. Instead of just doing. They don't want to play that gain because it's my it's my big money is power authority big money they don't want to go that way. Herbal. Medicines are so cheap by comparison I know people who are paying thousands of of dollars I mean. It could be a thousand dollars a month for the these goddamn medicines you know. And sometimes star herbal substitutes fraction of the price, but they don't want you to go out deaths right yet for business yep YEP. Yep. But you will get very some very, very good Yay and specialists who very comprehensive in theory. The Not all the this Injury. Thank you. Bless you hate. I. can we finish, up Finish up. You guys later?.

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