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Ho. These are people who dated for a while. And you don't think of them as having been together. John stamos and Carey in Inaba. Oh, the little start with the stores. She was a fly girl on in living color. They would have had the most beautiful children. Oh, yeah. That's true. Nicole Kidman Lenny Kravitz day remained. I remember that were they engaged. Justin Timberlake and Jenna Dewan who ended up married to Channing Tatum owes that right now, they're sending remembers the flick that because this was right after he broke up with Britney Spears. Do you think he calls Brittany? I hope so she's in bad shape right now. She really is struggling, you know, you thought that. That was going to be the end of it. But sometimes it's a lifelong struggle to kind of things have been whispered about thing. Number one heard team her management team was so concerned about how fragile she was. They were afraid that if she didn't get into treatment, she'd be dead thing. Number two. She got into treatment to cover up. The fact that ticket sales were so weak for her second residency in Vegas. I don't believe thing. Not. I don't believe number two either. I don't believe in a don't Jessica Biel and Chris Evans they were together for several years America. Yeah. That's right. This one blows my mind reenter and Cheyenne Leb shell above for about a minute Riano was like oh child settled down. No, you're right on you're you're right. They went on one day. What do you think that date was like boy, there's a couple of strong personalities? It was reorganised they endure self. Why did I agree to let me? Go back to Jessica Biel for. So I want you to imagine you are one of Jessica Biel's best girlfriends from childhood, Jessica Biel was in a long term relationship with captain America. And now, she's married to Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel is not allowed to be a part of any conversation where we're complaining about our men. No, she's none. No, she's not. She's just not. I mean, that's that's a life. Right. Robert Downey junior and Sarah. Jessica Parker for a long time. Seven years Nicklaus shea and Kim Kardashian. I I don't remember that. Nick says that they only went to a movie. And she hasn't commented. Sarah, Bullock, and Ryan Gosling. Yeah. They met on the set of murder by numbers. Even though she was sixteen years old Ryan Reynolds in Atlantis Morrison. They were engaged they met a true Barrymore's birthday party. Is that right? Oh, yeah. It's just they were engaged. That's exactly right. And finally, Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara. I didn't know that cruise and Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise has racked. Sofia by you know, they have to buy they have to be vetted by the top tier of church Scientology or they don't laugh. I just so feel regard really strike you as someone who's going to hang with them. Visible aliens crawling on your skin wig authors. And that was a look. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes? Set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates in an online dashboard. Get started at indeed dot com slash higher. It's Bob and Sheri, okay? Every year. This comes out. There's a website coal twenty four seven Wall Street, and they list the ten worst jobs in America. It's based on average pay projected job growth. That's a big part of it projected job, growth and stress. And so it's, you know, one organization one websites opinion of this and their research, if you're in one of these jobs, you may or may not agree, and perhaps you could be in one of these jobs, and you're just you're lucked out and got a good company. But overall, they say these are the worst jobs in America today number ten painter stuff job, you're outside a lot. Yeah. Housepainter span. Yeah. Yeah. Painter tough job. Number nine advertising salesman. You know, why that's tough these days because there's so much competition from so many different sources, you know, it's not just I'm selling newspaper ads. I'm selling TV. I'm selling radio. It's you've got the whole thing with the internet. Didn't know about all of it. You gotta know about all of it. The eighth worst job in America. Broadcaster. I can tell you when that was top three best. You're all I was going to save for. Yeah. You may not like what you're hearing. But you better believe it. It's all I can say it depends again who you work for. Right above broadcaster. DJ? You know, what part of the challenge there is. There are fewer and fewer of those jobs available, and they pay less and less and less. But once again, it depends on the company worked for. It depends on the manager. You have it depends. You know, who who's running the place could you in good conscience like walk into a high school class on career day? And encourage those kids to be DJ's. 'cause I couldn't I, you know, there are certain jobs that I would never encourage anybody to be because I feel that if they are that good at it. They'll find their way or if they're that determined you won't hold them back. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Write a book DJ is corrections officer. Well, that would be very stressful job. That's a very stressful job once again, not much pay exactly. Number five, enlisted, military personnel. Now, this study admits it's tough to put serving your country on a worst jobs list. However, the pay is not high at holy cow, the stress shooting at people were shooting at you. So that's why they put it out. They put it on there. But I'm glad that they had a little caveat saying I understand what you're thinking. When we put that jhad. It is stressful or it is stressful in dangerous in it's not very highly paid number four retail sales person, they used to be that was a career that there are some people that could get into selling men's clothing at the age of eighteen and they would retire at seventy having spent an entire life with one or two stores, maybe the same store, and that's different world. Now, that's a way different world number three newspaper reporter. Well. I mean, Hello. It's just not the same industry that it was even ten years ago to say nothing of twenty. Number two. I it's so interesting that I'm going from newspaper reporter number three to number two worst job lager they bear no resemblance except for the project self right paper. But a logger I mean, that's you're talking about dangerous work. The fact that lager is ranked as more stressful in dangerous than soldier. Yes. Tell you everything you need to know about ROY arguing business xactly and number one is taxi driver. Well, yeah. Because they're under constant threat now from ridesharing. Yeah. Ridesharing, and you don't know who's getting in. And there have been problems with the some of the newer companies with with how they pay and the, you know, it's it's always been a stressful job. I think to me a taxi with okay, you you open up your Uber app, and you get an order over. So you know, what? They're driving and who they are their license plate number. And they know who you are. Right. But a taxi taxi, and you could be like heath ledgers, the joker getting into the back of that car. You have no idea who you're their their name is right in front of you for the passenger. Isn't you? The the passenger is not the best. I'm talking about the cab. What you're right. You're right. That's Bob lease. He drive in that cab. But you have no idea what you just picked up. Right. And why is Bob Lacey taking this really ridiculous route to where I wanna go to my God. Could you use the gas pedal? They put it in there for. Common. Miss my flight. Yeah. So that's I mean, those changes have flipped in my lifetime. Probably maybe you've been in your lifetime to well. I I think that I mean, I can't remember paying as a kid paying any attention to what grownup people did for a living. But I would have assumed like all being a TV reporter or a newspaper reporter would be an incredibly amazing glamorous. Unbelievably cool job. I don't know if it was ever quite that until you got to the top ten markets top five markets. But you know, it was a career for a lot of people for a law. It's still is still is it still is. It's just it's tougher because there's just so much more competition for attention. You have to be you have to be realistic about the world. Yeah. You just do when you're making those choices gaffed understand what you're up against do. And I think you have to step back and say. Do. I really have this skill set. What makes me different? You know? What do I bring that other people? Don't bring 'em. I prepared like like look at the look at the bad news as well. As the good news. Am I prepared to live in the bad news? Yeah. Exactly. Right. Where you know. There's jobs are scarce and don't get paid. And my ready for that. At least for some portion of the morons in the news is next. It's five and Sherry we've got him morons with Bob and Sheri, he's a moron. It's morons in the news. There is a forty year old guy. His name is germane Nichols in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, and he called nine one one a few days ago is he needed help he needed to be rescued. He was out hiking, and he got stuck in a steep cliff, but his own died before he could give them his civic location on so firefighters being the heroes. They are and paramedics drove up the cliffs the hunt for him, and they searched and suddenly. He appeared hop. Onto one of the fire trucks and tried to steal it. These guys. Save you jackass. Here's the other thing. Apply truck who's red and big. Get caught cops girl also a part of the rescue effort. So he was quickly stopped and he was arrested charged with attempted. That's and failure failure to comply. What a moron. As more of the day is forty four year old or demand. Jack Evans who was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in the middle of the afternoon at a bar called down the hatch. If you're drunk and disorderly in the middle of a work day at a place boat down the hat can get elect still change. So they take him into book. And while he's there. He begins groping the buttocks of the females fingerprint technician. Well, not as he said Kosice, so sexy. That's right go, you know, with most women. That's all it takes those few words. She's 'specially. I mean, you're a single. Yeah. You're single your fingerprint technician, you don't get out to beat a lot of guys and your a real fun, dude. Yeah. It's drunk and disorderly in the middle of the day breaks it up if you'd like to see his mugshot, and he looks like a man who just realized he groped the buttocks. The. And it's not good text the word moron to eight eight eight to six to seven four three seven. I I hate to say it, and I mean, no offense. But he's got kind of John Daly, doesn't he? Bit their pizza joint in Texas has been temporarily shut down because employee's put laxatives on a pizza to get after employees. They did not like now that's called poison that is tampering food and dolts ration- charts. All right, if you don't know who Rossi, Laura THEO Adams, the second is us is a social media influence her founded a company called state snaps about four years ago. They operate on Snapchat. Instagram Twitter has Petra at one time with REO had over a million followers on this sites, which mostly were all about young adults engaging in crude naked drunken, reckless behavior. Right. And his followers would use the slogan. Do it for state. So they would do something really drunken naked reckless and posted on one of these things. So between two thousand fifteen two thousand seventeen the owner of this company tried to get the domain name do it for state dot com. But the owner wouldn't sell it. So he went into the house with the owner of the domain name with pantyhose over his face a hat and dark sunglasses carrying a cell phone is stolen gun into tasers. He was going to take to it for state dot com at gunpoint you. I this is we've never had a domain name more on the he can go. Daddy, wouldn't go there. Wow. He space in twenty years in prison quarter million dollars in fines, and it's going to trial now that he is for it. Don't mean me. No, we'll get some also once I got the painters. Give me the domain name. Right. Okay. You can have it. You can have it. And then you've got it. And they know where you are.

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