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President Brad Smith telling us on KOMO news this morning, or really living increasingly amidst a crisis as more jobs have come here housing hasn't kept pace. Smith says the half billion dollar pledge will go toward preservation and construction of forcible and low income housing, especially on the east side. Not surprisingly local politicians, and nonprofit leaders are greeting Microsoft's housing initiative with great enthusiasm. We get that part of our story. Now from komo's Corwin Hake. Elected officials attending Microsoft's housing announcement. Are if. Brad. Thank you, Amy. Thank you. Microsoft Seattle mayor Jenny durken. Applauding executives Brad Smith and Amy flood for recognizing the region success story may not be sustainable the people who work in that region. Cannot live in that region. Former Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says over the past ten years too. Many of king county's teachers firefighters, nurses, and other public servants have faced a difficult choice between either living so far away that they're commuting hours to get to work or being financially burdened by having too much for percentage of their household income that goes simply to housing crisis is not quite the same as homelessness, but these leaders say it's certainly related because they note lack of affordable housing is a primary cause of homelessness. Corwin hake. Komo news and other relatively smooth morning in the book says Seattle drivers continue to cope with life. After the Alaskan way viaduct wet roads through something of a new challenge into the mix today Morgan Bela with the department of transportation. Says you won't run into any other major road projects with one potential exception. Emergency comes up either in a construction project are sometimes you might have a maintenance emergency, then we would go out there. But we will let everybody know immediately. Meanwhile, Washington state varies continues to report an increase in the number of riders since the viaduct was shut down for good with a twenty five percent increase in the number of walk on passengers as well as a noticeable increase in the number of riders with bikes on the other hand, though, the number of vehicles using the ferries is down. Let's talk about the roads now and our traffic.

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