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Two men Francis Blair a writer for the Missouri Republican and his brother Montgomery weave their way through the crowd with umbrellas and hand and frank is all smiles but his brother can't hide his scowl. Speak Your Mind Montgomery. It's not going to do me any good. You have something to say so say hey it you should be more careful with your words frank. I should be that man. Call me a coward a liar and slanderer in black and white. We weren't exactly kind. Mr Picturing either pickering is a blow heart. That's lowering pickering writer for the daily Union. A rival newspaper The two journalists are embroiled oiled feud over a Missouri politician. Senator Thomas Hart Benton a Democrat. Who recently came out against the expansion of slavery if pickering can use daily union into attack Senator Ben I can certainly use the Republican to defend him and his views on limiting the expansion of slavery? You started this you attack pickering first then you challenged him to a duel and he refused me coward. He refused you. Because your weapon of choice was a Bowie knife. No Man in his right mind would have accepted such a challenge. Man of courage would montgomery grabs his brother by the arm stopping him. You're lucky pickering. Accept your challenge. He was well within his rights. Every every word I wrote his true Montgomery picturing is doing the bidding of the slavers and conspiring to drive Senator Benton from office. I'm not suggesting you're wrong. I'm suggesting you be more careful. Worry too much brother as Franken. His brother continue their stroll. A man walking their way. Catches Montgomery's I it's lowering picturing. Do not say a word Frank. I've said all there is to say on the matter. I will pay him. No mind at all as pickering passes them by frank restraints his tongue doc. His temper intentionally bumps into picturing shoulder. PICTURING IS LIVING MR BLAIR MR picturing you above my shoulder sir. Few have bumped mind Sir demand to know why you would do such a thing. You demand to know do you. Frank Rich says umbrella tightly raises it pointed at Pickering here is my answer. Pickering staggers back. A few feet puts his hand his eye as he pulls it back. It's covered with is blood. He can't see the details of what transpired in March of eighteen. Forty nine between Frank Blair and lowering boring. Picturing are disputed but this much certain in early March in front of a slew of witnesses these two titans of Missouri newspaper industry wielded their umbrellas in exchange blows six days later as Frank Blair was leaving a meeting at the courthouse in Saint Louis. A strange man stepped out from the shadows and greeted blare loudly and aggressively aggressively. Blair brushed him off and kept walking but the stranger followed him gone. Shot rang out and then another frank pulled a pistol and return fire as the failed the SAS and ran away into the darkness. An investigation revealed the identity of the shooter. Dr Prefontaine Lowering Pickering's assistant editor pickering and his accomplice were indicted for assault. Both were acquitted. Blair was indicted for the attempted dual which violated Missouri Law. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one minute. Minute jailed at one dollar fine I'm Lindsey Graham. This American elections wicked.

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