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Jim Sharpe with Florence man. She's she's a bugger that's an understatement. Florence the hurricane is a monster. And she's getting stronger we have team coverage for you. It is our top story. And here's Jamie, west happening right now FEMA press conference is underway. And we're learning Florence may stall. Once it makes landfall making it very destructive. Those hit could expect twenty four hours or more of hurricane force winds and rain it's expected to make landfall by tomorrow night into Friday morning. Millions of people are clearing out with states of emergency from Georgia to DC in effect. We begin our team coverage with rob Marciano newer. Forecasts are tending to slow down Florence that will help weaken the storm a little bit before it approaches. But with is sitting over the coastline that means tremendous amounts of rain, and what we've seen in hurricanes pass is not the storm surge in the win. That is the most deadly. It is the. Inland flooding and with Florence. We could see twenty thirty inches or more. Rainfall falling away from the coastline. Rob marciano? ABC news, rightful beach, North Carolina and Jim cross live in the news center, hurricane Florence says. Now slowing down eating up a lot of water closing in on the Carolinas. Red crossers New Mexico, El Paso, has sent almost sixty volunteers east Phoenix fire sent Arizona task force one with boats ASU climate expert Randy survey says they'll be needing those books once it makes landfall it really doesn't have any place to go. So the Carolinas are just gonna get inundated and they've already had a wet summer. So you add more rain on top of wet soil now some areas according to forecasters and the Carolinas could see up to forty inches of rain in the next few days. Phoenix sees about eight or nine inches a year on average love the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. Is nothing to fool around with coming up a little bit here. You've got the Senate race between MC Sally and cinema. It's a tight one things have changed a little bit. We'll tell you about some new poll results coming up in just mama right now Detroit Dan from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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