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The advertising for the pizza joints and the sports bars and the beer companies for the Super Bowl? They no longer refer to it as the Super Bowl in their advertising. They call it the big game indeed. And they do that for a reason, because the NFL has let them know that that is trademarked. And if they use it without paying them, Roger Goodell is going to descend from a from a cable from a helicopter over your house and give you a spanking. One of my favorite ways. I see people get around this in written form as they refer to the superb owl, but they don't put any spaces in the Nord. Well, that's one change that we've seen with the Super Bowl this year, but there are other changes that are taking place because of covert 19. Let's listen to Shepard Smith from CNBC explains him of them. The stadium typically holds about 65,000 people, covert protocols decreasing capacity to just 25,000. Fans or to sit in groups of 46 or eight in socially distanced pad's empty seats will hold fan cut outs from youth football players to veterans. Looking to create a full feeling energetic field, but do it safely officials or to distribute K and 95 masks to everyone who enters Also new this year mobile only digital tickets plus touchless payments at the concession stands and at the bathrooms, they've all been converted to touchless faucets. Positive, Sean. I am a long time L. A Rams fan from when they used to play at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, so looking at a football game with a bunch of empty seats, it's not gonna be that shocking to be used to trigger nostalgia for you know, the good old days. I remember the first time I saw a Super Bowl. When I was a kid. I looked at the stands. I saw people sitting in the chairs. I said, What's this? That's not how football supposed to be played. Allow people in the stadium. What? What is this? What are we watching football? What is this? I don't recognize what's going on. But, yes, it's going to be a half empty stadium. So it's going to be an adjustment, but it is the Super Bowl, so we'll all be watching more coming up on the Armstrong and getting show with me. John Phillips sitting in Don't go anywhere..

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