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Now, let's get to today's episode. Hey guys, how you doing? Welcome to dad devotionals and welcome, of course, to man up Monday. Since we're talking about leadership with the last episode, last interview episode last week with John gi, and we'll be talking about leadership actually in the next couple of episodes with Adrian shepherd, who's going to appear later this week again, second time on the podcast and also Matt ham next week on the 30th. So 23rd will be Adrian and the 30th who we've met. Since we're talking about leadership in general over the next few weeks in this leadership series, I wanted to just bring a couple of poll quotes into today's man up Monday and talk to you about leading like Jesus. There's a great book. It's more for, I would say for the business element. But I think there's a lot to be said as well from a leadership perspective for us dads. So it's good for your job, but it's also good for your family, you know, kids and wife. So this is lead like Jesus lessons from the greatest leadership role model of all time. And it's by Ken Blanchard who's, if you know anything about management and leadership, he's been in the game for years as an author and also Phil Hodges. So I have a couple of quotes here that just want to share with you and I'll let you get back to your week. So his first one comes to us from talking about the heart of a servant leader on page 67 and the authors say this humility is realizing and emphasizing the importance of others. It is not putting yourself down and it's lifting others up. It is also saying to yourself and others, I am precious in God's sight and so are you. And then on the next page..

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