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We hope of my thank you six he said exactly all we need is a damn fire may virus do your part okay do your part get the hell out of here as a leading you through with this want to keep people healthy and they want to get back to sports you know what I have to go swimming if if we wanna have all occurred within five months virus you got to the end of the month sundown at the end of the month get out of town well we got a problem here the only difference is I know I'm being sarcastic the devil believe everything double doubles like get ready for battle gloves on tape and it is really this is like I'm going out in the streets yeah I'd I've truly believe taping the whole thing for video to show to potential recruits you know that's right exactly look what I did you guys look what I did for you guys my goodness gracious that look I I I gotta admit something red I didn't know if I was gonna admit or not but I figure what the hell we have time to kill I I need I I need help like I'm not I need to for a variety of different reasons this is like a thousand on the list but I need this virus I need this thing to go away I needed to get back to normal and I just I today I actually caught myself on pro football focus due amount mock draft oh my god I I know I I was like well what am I doing dole I go good rejecting and we want to go which I go it's I go it's come to this I even made trades in the modern aircraft and I did it and I did it three times no no I I mean I've tried to remedy it I'm drinking I'm certain drinker really today just days hopefully I can watch it from my system but that's gonna stay with me awhile like as I was doing it I I I thought well what do you do one good lord you doing today you're doing your own mock draft you're drafting players aren't you and I said yes I am and then I started that the damn I'm talking to myself too so I I mean I I I I have issues over here as some serious serious issues that I don't know I keep going further down this rabbit hole I don't know if I'm gonna recover he gave them to pull up out of this add to this nose dive rather quickly it's it's it's it's looking bleak right now because I never hear six months away from her producing your own draft guide I know it looks like I mean guys it's very it's scary I didn't get their ground on the first round so you gotta be happy about okay I'm just so you know my you have a moment I'm like the apocalypse is upon us and I you know I've been there I'm absolutely on a different level than I've ever been I watched well I'm I'm not even joking ask felt in a really a lose to Brian Fuentes on the Food Network gross spoiler spoiler alert sorry sorry but I didn't just watch it I watched it twice no why would you do that I don't know if I was just sitting there we only answer you can give I was sitting there with penny I hit a bunch of buttons I was reading something it just kind of right you know I have to act I recorded it initially and I think I might hit some wrong button on my Xfinity of only have Xfinity for like a month and a half so I don't even really know over we're world buttons are all sudden there was playing again and I watched it twice I am I am apparently doing a show with two men who are in it's just unbelievable amounts of distress yeah I'm just I'm I'm working you guys are our tires hurries mentally because from what you have told me and the listening audience in in a in a moment of honesty where you should be you know you you should be lauded for it are you guys are hurting and hurting badly and I just wanna let you know that I live is your your your partner your friend there's nothing I can do for you so you guys are basically on your own and this is going to end badly for you and I feel I feel most terribly for your families he is apparently there's there's no coming back you are tell me you own that mock draft do you know what that does to people's brains I can feel it can you feel it in my throat is closing UP you're done you're likely looking for new Jack city it's a wrap this it's all this does very well here yeah I don't understand well I I mean that there's only one thing to do is only one thing to do is to try and infect more people so I'm not saying that I'm gonna set this the how to set this thing up next segment and we're all going to do it together and I'm gonna set it so we're gonna draft is dammit I'm not gonna be the only one that did this okay do it another way to make you guys I'm gonna make you I knew I do crew gonna do Butler yeah you're right you want to dance right now I got I feel after the show everyone can feel that way we're gonna do trades we're going to draft players I've been around Reagan Tony world was to hello we have I'm not going down on the ship by myself I'm sorry someone's coming down with me and that someone is to is the typical drug user you want to drag everybody down dancers rate I do your ten of usage yes I don't want to be the only one feeling like this I'm gonna make that won't let you know all the suffering I'd rather instead of me not supper I'd rather make other people suffer with me so you guys got to suffer just so you guys know just to get out no fact I I don't I don't want to be like and know what this is a Brooklyn late report today's the latest is that the Panthers head coach Matt rule says they may go quarterback at seven AM Ian Rapoport is reporting that the lions are trying to trade down from three there you go that's last season I think Messi Larry's bring you that own cut mock draft he's bringing you bring you just the facts folks just back off of the plane that Honda will be tracked by radar he's giving you that phone cut mock draft know me tell you something here because I'm cool and I do like to party now with a little mock draft okay but it's just it takes I know fear and all right I know I know how to control my urges so while you know he got have a little mock draft with you but I'm I'm I'm I'm not going to do a bunch of it yeah it is only about how much we care for the patients ace just the techs I have as much time as you want I I look all set it all up for you I'll settle for you when we come back a there's a couple filters that that we need to go over and then we'll and then we'll get after it a look you're doing this for me and I I know the fans out there probably I mean they love mock drafts they like to hear this but really you're doing this for me to make me feel better so I I I I I'd certainly appreciate it the other is enormous all right I'm wit it yeah so now I'll do it for you Tom exactly for you all right it's my will we could not run it all day.

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