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So now that you've had a chance to watch at least a couple of taekwon Thornton's games on film, first, just what did you see? Did anything surprise you? Was anything better than you thought it would be? Was anything worse than you thought it would be? It's interesting because what I wrote up about Thornton was almost identical to what Greg cosell did before the draft. When Greg cosell was high on Thornton and basically what I saw was, you know, the book on taekwon Thornton from a lot of guys, you know, whether it's Chris Simms or other guy. There were a lot of guys, even the guys who talked about it on draft, you know, a lot of them said, fast guy can, you know, can get you some big plays, but inconsistent catching the ball, not the biggest guy skinny guy goes down easily on contact things like that. Like, I'm not gonna blah anybody or anything like that. But when I watched him on film, I saw and I'm just gonna do my own evaluation. I'm not gonna counter other people's evaluations. I saw a guy who, all right, he four two 8 speed, you don't really see that on the field. He's not that fast. He does have the ability against man coverage really good footwork, good hand work to get off of jams. A little difference between college jams and pro jam, so I still have a question mark about that. I thought he was much better on 50 50 balls and competitive down the field than I thought. That's where he really stood out to me where there were places some of them that he didn't make, but he was right there. And he did make some play. There was one toe tap sort of fade pass where unbelievable body control, getting roughed up a little bit, and he still made the catch, got two feet down, not even the one in college. And so I really, there was a lot more there than just a straight line, dude's going to take the top off the defense. A lot more there than that. He catches a lot of in breaking routes, which tells me that the quarterback and the coaches trust him to do that in terms of his catching ability, his physical toughness, things like that. So I liked taekwon Thornton more than I thought I would on film. From the brief glimpses that I took of him before the draft, you know, but I do still to trade up in the second round. I do think that was a bit of a reach for the team. I think he could have been more of a third or fourth round guy. But I think he's a guy that can come in. He's going to have to compete. He looks like a smart guy on film. But I question how much he's going to pop as a rookie. He's going to start off being like fourth or 5th guy, give him a shot play now and then and then expand things from there, but I think there's a lot of tools there to work with. He's more well rounded than people give him credit for..

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