President Trump, Centennial Olympic Park, Roger Stone discussed on Sean Hannity


I pause there for a second because I'm just getting word that President Trump is apparently going to say something else, they have just summoned the White House press pool for some kind of unspecified event apparently in the next few minutes. So stay tuned what President Trump's oldest friends a longtime political operative. Roger stone is under arrest on charges of lying and obstruction related to the Russia investigation. He vows to fight. This is a politically motivated investigation. I am troubled by. Motivations. Already out on bail to be arraigned next week the sixth Trump associate to face a judge in the investigation at a sneak peek today behind the fence the final preps being made at Centennial Olympic Park gear up for Super Bowl fifty three WBZ's Michelle right here at Centennial Olympic Park, which is now Super Bowl live setups are just being made everything's about ninety five percent complete. There's room for thousands of folks. Here there's food stands. There's people that are setting up and everything is going on rain or shine here thinks kickoff tomorrow Saturday, and they will run through the following Saturday right before Super Bowl at Centennial Olympic Park. Michelle Wright, WSB News time three thirty two. I'm with Troy Pinza took me up on my free offer of a heart scam from virtual imaging and has an incredible story to tell I had actually signed up for a triathlon. As a proactive measure. I went to virtual imaging to get my heart scan done turns out that my score was a little higher than into space. Luckily, my primary care physician took serious notice of it. Referred me to a cardiologist. I had my stress tests and found out I had three blockages. You are having any symptoms an athlete and somebody who's been active my entire life and never thought that I would even have a remote blockage. But turns out that it's hereditary..

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