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Joining me now. First-class father floyd scofield. Along with his son. Floyd kid austin scofield. Welcome to first-class fathered owning. Thank you find whiteness all right. Let's start off here where you please hit the losers with a little bit about your background and what you do. I'm coach. i've trained professional fighters. That's what i do. Currently at the moment. I'm sick out a single parent. I raised the son by myself since he was two years old I do a lotta own. a company. Traffic financials that guide people in their investment. So it's a lot of layers to me on stuff. Yeah dat dat. All the way. Kit austin hit the listeners. A little bit about yourself real. Quick here okay son On a professional boxer. Three in austin texas. And i'm just a you know a normal teenager. China look for greatness sport so yeah well said all right floyd how many kids do you have and how to becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life and ask seven kids but floyd is the only one who i have full custody of the kids. It change your life a lot a whole lot. It actually teach you about yourself as you go through the process they help you grow is apparently this is a person. Yeah very well said. Then kit austin what would you say. What would you say are some of the top values that your father instilled in you growing up always to have respect for your elders. You know never take anything for granted and you know anything is possible you can achieve anything you set your mind to ages stare a nice humble young man you'll achieve greatness a lot of good things also really good stuff and what it like for you to watch you saunter professional. May i would imagine. It's gotta be difficult at times to separate yourself. Father from coach to see your son getting punched in the face. I would imagine can't be a great feeling as a father. What is it like for you to watch your son. Now excel in the sport and term pro. His not nerve to nerve wracking for me because he'd been doing it since he was eight. We've been at a hundred and sixty four amateur fights so i actually got to see high handle himself but i'm still scared to. Death is apparent but have confidence that he'll do his job and he'll protect yourself. Yeah we well. So i would imagine so i got four kids myself and i mean one of the things that i got to allow our kids to fail and put themselves in difficult situations and sometimes that can be difficult to watch them. Go through it. But it's something that they need to do and kit kit. Also what was what was the big. What was the age that you were drawn into boxing. What's kept you motivated to stay in the sport for so long here. It's her pro. On as that as far as i can remember ajamian box probably about five in my living room in for hours practicing stepping forward inside side nabi in the living room four hours just all i needed was my favorite show. And they're doing it in on. I believe that's when i fell in love with the I think i like the fact that you have to work hard for you to work hard and get get what you want. Not just like having a given to you. So that's like about boxing. Also yeah very cool. And then floyd what would you say What type of disciplinarian are you as a dad here and is that different than the discipline style. You grew up with. I think blowing up on floyd in adding really disciplined for him because he was a good kid but you know when they get teenagers about that thirteen fourteen than they want to try to bucket you know. Could they feel in their manhood so like any other appear. Shake him up a couple of times but raising a man you gotta be you gotta be strong because they get eight they feel data may but we don't want to put our hands on each other it because that's not cool but he got his mind talk sometimes he got south just about to get into it myself. My oldest is fourteen here. So i'm just about to head all that fun stuff myself on this end and then Turn it over here to you now. Kid austin i know the whole world's upside down here from the pandemic we've obviously had a very difficult year across the entire span and wall all professions. What has it been like for you. Have you been able to stay in the gym. How is you. how's your boxing. Career been affected from the pandemic career. hasn't really been affected. 'cause like safer if the gym where the gym happened to be close. You know. i'm still here. Shadowboxing in liberal. Pushups situps doing myths outside. So you know we had to go through that phase for about a month or two but you know. Our boxing gym opened back up. And i've been able to stay in the gym twenty four seven if i wanted to but i mean it affected. Some fights were fights had to get canceled because they couldn't go through with the shows. That was a little frustrated. But besides that you know. I was able to stay in shape and the chemo monterey really good stuff and floyd one of the things i talk about on my show a lot is the fatherless crisis that we have going on in our country got so many kids that are growing up without a father or father figure in their life. And that's why. I love to see the connection. You have here with your son. I've had teddy atlas on the show. Buster douglas they run gyms and they see a lot of kids coming into their gyms from fatherless households. They find that. Father figure in the sport of boxing through trainers for coaches to us. Find that yourself florida. You seeing that as boxing outlive for some of these kids to find them. Father figures yes. But before i get into that i want to thank all fathers out there in all the steps fall. Is that stepping in for aid. Could sometimes we. We don't get appreciated in ashes. Wanna tell you. I appreciate your office. I know how tough today's out there.

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