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Informed, Calm, Drive luxury for less and find out what drives you. It's a 38 minutes. Traffic and weather on the eights. Now Jack Taylor is standing by in the traffic center. All right. In Maryland. Our work is already in place on fifties found out of the Bay Bridge. Been there for about an hour or so. And now a little bit of a delay to get up onto the span because you've only got one left lane Getting by. You'll see the red X is lit over the right lane. Three lanes maintained westbound will keep an eye on that. That could change. Anywhere within the next half hour. So after about nine, they may give you a second lane on the westbound span. But for now, one lane East, with the work in the right lane and three lanes coming back West found in the Bay Bridge. Still a delay at a German town running to 70 South bound. There was accident activity before 37 had been along the right side. Last heard it was in the right lane, but hopefully everything's been moved over to the shoulder. Georgia Avenue up in all me going North Bend after old Baltimore Road earlier crash involved a car and a deer in Clarksville. 32. East found the end of the on ramp. The acceleration lane from Cedar Lane to 32 East had been blocked with that accident activity. We're quiet on 4 95 between Bethesda in Oxon Hill. No worries in Virginia between Alexandria and McClane, Inner or outer Loop Old Bridge Road Down your Smoketown run of Woodbridge. We've had that reported Crash 66 looking good East family but heavy around 1 23 95 3 95 without delay north and south between the 14th Street Bridge in Stafford should find your traveling is open in the district South D c to 95 brake lights around Burrows Avenue head towards Capitol Street. Little Heavy north on I 2 95 as you run north bound past Malcolm X towards Suitland Parkway. Also a little heavier traffic off the freeway to go north bound in the third Street tunnel. Our demonstration scheduled for today and tomorrow there is a full list of the club. Losers and parking restrictions on w t o p dot com But expect him around the White House, The National Mall and around the capital is everything gets set up. Jack Taylor w T OBY traffic, not a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Ricketts with that lots of clouds around today, and we're gonna have some areas of drizzle. Maybe a light passing shower. Even a snow showers..

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