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Because then we got to get to a break. What, what come on? Read my mind. Go ahead. Event has taken place in the last seven days. I don't know what Google go on. I what, what are I'm sorry. Winter came, and went where like, I know we're not talking about game of thrones, not happening. Come on just a little bit Joe. Because then we're going outraged by this. You aren't did you see the finale? What if people spend more time worrying about our country than they do about the writers of game of thrones? It would be a better country. Everybody's spent a lot of time discussing whether it should be right. And literally, I would love them to talk about infrastructure. I love them to talk about our broken legislative system. I would love to talk about our crazy president like anything else, but no, no game of thrones needs to be rewritten and literally everybody. The world about game rounds if we acknowledged we need more engaged fathers, not a better fucking phone, and you stopped talking about Steve Jobs, like he's Jesus Christ Christ. Jesus christ. Amen thrones. I'm shocked. I'm shocked you aren't outraged by this, because it's basically like Jordan Peterson went into Sifi the basic way the summer. The lady is the patriarchy win. So they have the strongest character up until the last season, a denarius, basically gets in a mood finds a dragon and goes ape shit. Crazy. It's like the basic lesson has not trust. Women with power on snow and something the thoughtful guy who goes back to a life of celibacy, and kinda saves the world and sacrifices himself dancer, who should have been king. Basically, she's like when you walk into a room with all white dudes and boards. What's happened to me all the time? You see one woman. I'm like, oh, let me guess your head of HR. They made her head of HR. Right. Gave her a small kingdoms in most towns, I remember they ever smoking take over, but go ahead. And then my new role model. My new role model is brand. The guy is totally checked out takes off for several years. Come back and is basically really high standing that sitting next to a tree, and they make him king. Yeah. That's how I wanna spend my weekends. I wanna be really stone sit next to a tree, and then at the end of the weekend yell. King me came me. I can do that. The unsullied wanted from what I can do that. I'm shocked you're not outraged. I don't like that. They made the woman, they'll and again, yes, I, I was a very typical thing I would have liked her to not have been the villain that would have been nice. So I literally are is the real hero of that story. Aria sacred and she's off to the new thing. She is alright horse. And she left and she sailing becoming Christopher Columbus. That's the whole thing, it would be nice if there was a sequel about her, but they're not happening according to HBO. So what's HBO going to do? That's the big question. I'd like you think about that in predictions. When we come back next and take a quick Brig for word from our sponsor, and then we back with Scott Galloway pit. Here on Piphat. We're talking about technology in the influence. It has on so many different industries..

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