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Monday. Record setting dangerous heat this weekend with L. A. Climbing to 108 degrees and a high 114 and Riverside 115 degrees tomorrow. The Inland Empire also has a red flag warning this weekend. Anthony Honest, NBC for Right now it's 75. We're going to be to 86 in Anaheim, 93 in Encino and 72 in El Segundo. We leave local live from the cave by 24 Hour news room. I'm Gina grad. If I am at 6 40 it is the Conway show. Yeah. Friday, Right? Everybody get down on Friday and I, It's going to be hotter than hell this weekend. Some temperatures might reach records or even break record high temperatures. Giving a perfect example. Program California Maybe you're familiar with 109 on Saturday, 110. On Sunday. That is hotter than hell for the San Fernando Valley by Rob Newton is with us. Ah, great reporter here offer I Ko Phi, and he's talking about cooling stations. Rob, what do you say? What do you know? Well, there's going to be over 50 cooling stations in L. A county alone. So they're they're getting ready are already ready as there were at least five today Open. Right? Yeah. They're all over the county and others are there cooling and rules. I mean, you can't stand within what 6 ft of each other. You can't stand. You can't walk around you before calling state before the cooks at the cooling stations before Cove it you could use the facility. If they had, you know a game room, you could use the game room. You can walk around, do whatever you need to do to stay cool, But now it's you know you go in, you know, you gotta make a reservation of first off. Oh, my mask. One bag Only. If you got food, bring food, They'll provide water. But once they check your temperature, they say, choose a seat, which most places have them all numbered. They ask that you stay in one spot the whole time you're going to be there. Don't don't move around. Keep the social distance because that's where the chairs are. Unfortunately, I was in Norwalk at the senior center in those those seats Look pretty comfortable. You know, I heard that the one in Norwalk that you come to the door, they check your reservation. They take your temperature. And then they put you on a forklift. They put you in your area and you're supposed to stay there until they come Pick you up. That's right. Santa Kai's right around with the harnessed and spray up a little bit. Ah, put a helmet on you and then just lift your right through and you'll be fine and drop your ass right in there. We're people your s. I mean, I'm not saying everyone's going to show up with a shopping cart pot. If somebody does, is there Ah, sharpen shopping cart parking outside. I suppose so. They say if you if you're going to bring anything, you can only bring one bag, So whatever you want with you make sure it's in that one backpack or purse or whatever it is you're going to bring And the only additional thing uh, that that is a sack lunch if you want. Other than that, That's that's all you could bring in. Don't provide water, though. They said that you couldn't get a lot of nice ice cold water. So what about socializing with other people? Can you talk to anyone else? You have to just sit there and read your book. You can talk. Keep your mask on and ah, don't scream. Don't take the mask off right at that. Well, you know, some of these places are public library. So if you are going to talk, you better be whispering. So I see And what are the hours they open all day? Yeah. Most most of these are just through noon till about six. So the hottest time of the day you can be there. The whole time is long as you stay in your chair. And then once it's quitting time, and they say Okay, temperatures dropped past AA 99. You got to get out of there. Not really 99, but you got to get out of there and come back on Sunday. Oh, I see. Okay. And I'm sorry You said you broke. I broke up there for a second. You said what time do they open on Saturday and Sunday morning. Most places open up at noon, and they stay someplace is actually opening up at just depends on the place. If you go on lake county dot gov slash eat, you'll see all the different spot. Some places do open at 9 A.m.. A lot of them opened up at noon. But they all pretty much clothes around, but either five or six o'clock and you've got to get the hell out of them. I got to go. Come back Sunday. If you make a reservation, okay? And it's free. You just have to, you know, go to one of these cooling stations where they have enough space for you and your bag. That's right. And they'll have WiFi. So your computers in your bag? I guess you can sit back and watch Netflix and chill. You know what I think they should do. And I see this MME or more often than I'd like. But you know these food giveaways where you know you just pull up in your car. They won't ask any questions. You open your trunk and they throw a box of food in and there's rice and vegetables and fruit and all kinds of crap. Well, I've saw a car. They pulled up into one of these lines to get food and it was like $120,000 convertible Mercedes Benz. And they were loading in back up with food. I think if you show up with a anything other than you know, a $4000.19 seventies car, they should ask you to sit in your condition. Car and leave room in the cooling station for people that really need it. The guy who has $120,000 car doesn't need the cooling station. I guess he could argue that you know, my motor is far more expensive than your little 1996 Toyota Corolla. And if mind burns out, I'm going to pay a lot of money. If yours burns out. Well, then maybe the count will take Scrub. All right, so there's 50 of them. You have to go to L a county dot gov slash heat..

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