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We're talking to Mike. Okay. Right. Here was Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news Barry Bonds, Roger Clements, obviously. When people take about them both of them were in their seventh year on the ballot. Roger Clemens received fifty nine point five percent of the vote. Barry Bonds received fifty nine point one percent of the vote. First things first are you cool with that? And Secondly, do you think they'll ever get a point where they get in before this vote? I thought they were definitely going to get in there three more years. But the fact that they jumped only about a percent means that the anti PD faction has really dug its heels in and they're not going to move. I don't think they're going to get in. And that's also impactful for Alex Rodriguez who said today, I think early with you guess that he's got a root for them because if they get in and he's got a good chance of getting in. I'm not sure if it impacts David Ortiz because it's still kind of murky whether or not that was a failed test on the on the baseline report. And what it meant rod Manfred stood stood up for him this year talking about it. But if I had a vote, Stephen, and you have to be a baseball writer for ten straight years in order to have a vote, and I was seven before I got the radio job with the Yankee. Sorry. I never got it. If I had a vote, I would probably vote for everybody. Even if they were staying with the the rumors. Of it. Why? Because I think there are people that are in the did it that. That's that's skated. It's like the people that speed everyday. But they don't get tickets got. And I'm not I'm not doing if we knew for sure who did it who didn't. And we kept everybody who did do it out that I'd be cool with keeping them out the one line I withdraw and this doesn't help Alex is if you were suspended or if you fail the test. I would not vote for you. Because then you flew right in the face of the rules. The other guys it's kinda nebulous. I mean to this day most people believe that Roger did do something, but Roger continues to deny and there's no smoking gun. There's no test nothing. He went to court, and he won his case and still he's being kept out. So the moral police are electing to keep him out. But again, there are people that are in there that I'm quite sure did PD's. Well, we could go a bonds and talking about the cream and the clear, and that was proved he'll remind anybody that win he tests for for test, or whatever the case may be an as a result. He's proclaimed his. In some degree as well. Do you view him to say what you've you Roger Clemens? I, you know, the clear stuff certainly makes it a little murkier. But again didn't fail a test. I just think the whole thing is such a mess because if you just go and buy number Stephen Manny Ramirez belongs in the hall of fame in terms of being a player five hundred and fifty five home runs over thousand extra base hits. But he was suspended. Sammy Sosa never suspended guys over six hundred home runs. He's the hall of fame player when you look at it that way, I just think this puts such a stain on the whole proceedings because there's so much uncertainty. And I don't think anybody knows the answers for sure. And then you look at a guy like Andy Pettitte who admitted that he did do it. And he said that he did it for a short period of time to get back from injury. And he only got nine percent of the vote. And if you look at his numbers, he certainly warrants more than that. I'm not going to rip the people that want to be the moral police, but I just wish that it was all a lot more cut and dry because you know, I am Stephen I like cut and dried. No you do. So do I, but I got to tell you this. I do one thing against. Clemens and I've been on a record. I accused him of stupidity. I think unlike anybody else where you had people inundating them with accusations and beyond and just bothering them, and they couldn't escape from it..

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