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Amazing hello training I love it nineteen minutes still seven oh clock WSP all district knowledge joins us once again you're getting is ready for the weekend of the land is most accurate dependable forecast press gun right now obviously stormtracker radar showing a few showers stretching from around Dawsonville over to winder they're moving away to the northeast at about thirty five miles an hour well for the mileage meter for today showers eighty percent likely afternoon ending early evening high around sixty six lows tonight thirty eight to forty three tomorrow sunny and unseasonably cool highs sixty three Sunday mostly sunny afternoon high seventy two lows around forty six recapping the forecast for today a stray morning showers then showers eighty percent likely afternoon ending early evening highs sixty four north seventy south temperatures around the area right now still mountain fifty Dallas fifty one Stockbridge emic Donna waking up to forty seven fifty on Peachtree street I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five WSPA some checking on the morning drive again the lighter than what we've seen in the past three or four price what do you think market over the past few weeks so I don't let your guard down to eighty five or projects to get a jump ship the guy got thirty five eighty five you're at the cab county affect the perimeter highway circling the city at the outlook doing well downtown actually broadcast stall in the core area not affecting traffic those seventy five south as you head into broke one of the ramp to eighty five north traffic brought you by unbound dot org a girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out and change their world it will change your own Unbounce dot org triple team traffic on ninety five point five WSP still the whole idea of what the corona virus does to different people's just amazing some folks don't even realize they have it others well it does it during your kills the man and this headline story the Wall Street journal this morning just caught my attention.

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