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Brodie Van Wagon, Brody, Jeff Wilpon discussed on 24 Hour News


There's the courtesy of MSG for the next Tim Hardaway junior, thirty points and rebounds. Meanwhile, in Washington the nets come away with a one fifteen one zero four win over the wizards Spencer Dinwiddie led the way with twenty five points while diangelo Russel chipped in with twenty three points now to baseball. According to multiple reports, the Padres are very interested in acquiring Mets pitcher, Noah Syndergaard met COO. Jeff wilpon said GM Brodie van wagon has not get informed him of any trade offers. It hasn't been brought to me as a something that can happen. Decision has not been made. Yet all depends what Brody thinks he can get back. If he thinks the return is out size from what the value of. No is then I guess he'll suggest it and we'll move on and do that wilpon courtesy of S N Y Yankees reportedly drawing interest from the as in reds trade for pitcher sunny grain the White Sox up with World Series MVP Steve Pearce on one year deal and a football MetLife stadium Sunday the giants host the buccaneers and the giants have a clean injury report. College basketball, the two K classic at the garden. I'll be coming for the championship. Ninety one seventy two in the consolation game was Oregon beating Syracuse eighty sixty five elsewhere Saint John's topped Rutgers eighty four sixty five Fordham over Florida international Eighty-three, seventy seven Maryland beat Hofstra. Eighty sixty nine the hockey locals were off, but the Rangers acquired former islanders Ford Ryan Strom from the Oilers in exchange for forward. Ryan spooner..

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