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Is on a biblical scale heartbreaking therefore tonight I'm pledging a million dollars to support the brush fire would be five he added that it breaks is hard to see what's happening to the will of country that he's been visiting since nineteen seventy one when it first became popular he said quote we have to come together we have to fight this is my bit toward it I love Australia so much if you wish to donate by the way to help there are a few causes to consider the Australian red cross so much to them but the rural fire service wires wildlife rescue and the CFS foundation the Victoria's CFE fun those are places to start if you want to try to help out animal lovers all around the world are doing that did you hear how great the once I've done for Australia I don't know if you've read any stories about them but I was wondering how they're like reservation was doing in all of this Seaver one's family has actually I think save I want to say hundreds of thousands of animals and rescuing them and putting them into different as they can use yeah at least temporarily just to get them sheltered and out of the way of the of the fires out I don't know I think they're good people he did well yeah right next up musically cassia hitting the road this spring with special guest big Freedia that I've run out of the big three for the north American high road tour tour kicks off in April in Sugarland Texas continues going to Austin Vegas LA Nashville New York Chicago more cities on the high road tour in support of the release of caches latest album coming up at the end of this month called high road the show include a decade's worth of hits from tech talk and your love is my drug through praying and up to a selection of tracks from the new LP caches said in the announcement I think the best medicine for happiness having a beautiful life celebrated by they have it the people that you love the most as often as possible it's pretty good philosophy so if you wanna come shake your body in here the new jams this is the place to do it twenty six day tour closes out June fifth from the Colosseum at Caesars in Ontario so tickets are on sale today presale for.

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