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You got cash lots of cash, and so part of the motivation of the Wagner's to kill the roads and away they were murdered execution. Style was to kill wipeout that branch of the tree and take their seeds off the earth. And the other part was to get literally tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in gash. What's your hidden somewhere on the road and property, which is why the highway patrol the attorney general's office county prosecutor's office did all those searches. They kept looking for the cabbage. They wanna know where is the cabbage. Did they find cabbage? We're not sure, but we know the weiner's knew they had lots of cabbage and the whiners mad. They have some idea where it was hidden. And so when one of the individuals had nine gunshots to his body, some Denise and ankles. Why would why did that happen? Whether Wagner's are looking for the camp, each the green lettuce of salvation they wanted to know before they finally murdered Billy Wagner, or George Wagner or Jake Wagner. Where is the green lettuce of salvation, where's the cash whether it was given up? I don't know maybe promises were made we got the drop on you. Here's one shot in one ankle, guess what you're going to live. Even tell us where the money is. Don't know if the money was finally paid, but eventually many were shot numerous times not just in the head, but an extremity in their bodies that caused as much pain as possible. And so this was meticulously planned over period of months weapons to be used who to go to what location and the indictment claims, which I have to my left that all four are principal offenders offenders. You know, what that means? That means they weren't the getaway driver. That means they weren't sitting out of the car that means mama, mama. Angela Wagner was a principal offender, which means she had her finger and hands on on the on the guns and the traitor. They're alleging that Angela Wagner. Forty eight years old went to one one is left to assume you have four defendants and four locations. Isn't it? Probably accurate to assume that the four defendants went to four different locations simultaneously and did their murdering of Christopher rodent, and Kenneth Roden and Dana Manley rodent, and Frankie Roden and Hannah Roden who was the mother of the disputed child. Chris Rhoden junior. Gary rodent and Hannah Gilly it's fair to say that they split them up and think of the mentality a grandma all killing the mother of her grand baby with that point was only a year and a half. Oh, pretty raw pretty dirty now. This this family, this Wagner family had criminal difficulties in the past various, congress, even stolen property and theft. That's the family business. And so when the state spends more than two and a half years investigating. Bill Cunningham, who's represented about twenty murderers in my life. Probably they probably don't have strong forensic or DNA fiber fingerprint evidence. That's the kind of thing that's developed in the beginning of the case in April of twenty six th they had a full court press with FBI BCI, all the experts were there. They combed over things with a fine tooth comb. I assume correct me if I'm wrong that if they had done that within about three to five days, they would have had the identifiers on the fingerprints. The polled fiber evidence DNA blood splatter evidence. Whatever it is. They would known immediately. If they had it who's the person is. These Wagner's had contact with the criminal Justice system before their fingerprints are on file so one, and if you want DNA from someone you go to court, you get an order requiring the person to appear to give DNA that's given all the time. So the fact that did not happen and the first few days the first few weeks, the first few months later, the great American to believe that they do not have probative DNA forensics, objective evidence. At this point. I got a call from someone familiar with Angela Wagner, and she worked in a nursing home and took extra shifts in a nursing home. So she had like productive labor. And if you're taking extra shifts at the age of forty eight in a nursing home, can at least me to believe that they're not really rich people. That's fair to say if you're forty eight year old forty eight years old you work in a nursing home. You're taking extra shifts to make extra money..

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