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Nursing homes are in if you're in a nursing home within a community that has very little code but there's not that huge risk of it getting into the buildings president and CEO mark Parkinson says issue number two is adequate testing whereas the ideal scenarios having testing on site he says he knows it's been very difficult for families to be apart as many nursing homes aren't allowing visitors to come inside Florida democratic congresswoman Val Demings says she has some worries about theme parks re opening in her state we know that this virus is not yet under control and it will not be until we have a vaccine Deming's whose district includes the theme park area of Orlando has praised the theme parks being strategic and methodical when pursuing plans to re open New Jersey governor Phil Murphy says there's no time for analysis on the need for aid to state and local governments I'm going to say time out this is not abstract we don't need to do a data crunch Murphy says protecting frontline workers and keeping them at work it's important the jerseys treasurer said the status possibly looking at a deficit of nearly ten billion dollars by the end of the next fiscal year the Chinese foreign minister says it's time for the U. S. to work with China in the coronavirus fight instead of against China this week when he said he is sympathetic toward the U. S. because of the country's high corona virus death toll but he also said there was another virus spreading in the states which is political and it thrives on attacking China he says no more time should be wasted on the attacks of the two countries can work together to solve the spread of the disease everywhere big blue aliens are on a comeback in the other land down under production on the avatar sequels will resume next week in New.

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