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We've got 53 degrees agree. Flunk an afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney, New Jersey Governor, Murphy says the number of people allowed an indoor gatherings has been reduced is now down to 10 outdoors. The number has dropped to 150, Murphy notes. This falls in line with the same restriction and acted by New York outdoor gatherings. No more than 150 indoors. No more than 10. Indoor gatherings and homes are particularly dangerous places, and the smaller the gathering is the less likely it is. That someone is infected. There are some exceptions like weddings, memorials and other religious events is while his political demonstrations and sports except for crowds above 100, you have to wear masks when not socially distancing. James for been W. O R knows a New York City schools are remaining open. For now, the schools will go to all remote learning at the city positivity rate reaches 3% DiBlasio says That positivity rate stands today at 2.77% Today, New York City schools are open tomorrow they will be open as well. We've got a fight ahead to keep them open. But I'm not giving up and you shouldn't give up either. Every day that we can keep our schools open is a blessing for our Children and our families. There is some or very good vaccine news emerging today, this time from modern a dirty said it's Corona virus vaccine could be up to 94.5% effective the second vaccine after five sirs with efficacy above 90%. Both vaccines used M R N a technology which tricks the body into protecting itself from covert 19. During his doctor Steven Hogue said. The difference is distribution vaccine appears to be able to be distributed in much more traditional infrastructure, so traditional refrigerators and freezers visors vaccine must be kept far colder and requires special equipment. Aaron Carter SKI ABC News New York Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar says today expects enough doses of the five star and Madonna drugs to vaccinate about 20 million Americans before the end of the year. York City Councilman Brad Lander doesn't want NYPD officers making routine traffic Stop Lander points to data showing NYPD Traffic enforcement is doing little to achieve safer streets. And, he adds, There's racial profiling Black Americans are twice as likely to get pulled over by police is white drivers. Too often, those routine traffic stops lied to police Violence. Landers proposal calls for cameras and the Department of Transportation to handle enforcement except in dangerous situations. Here. De Blasio. He wants to look at expanding the D O T is role. But I'd be careful the front end of this equation not to miss the important role that the NYPD has to play. I'm Scott Pringle..

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