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Detective sat down with Tex to see what he had to say about. Kevin Young I went home and called Dan and asked it would be all right if I came over. He told me to come on over. I got some money from my mom and I waited for the rapid and went and got off Shaker Boulevard and Lee went to dance dance house and just talked is about fifteen minutes until his parents came home. They've been shopping. I think and I remember. I had to help them carrying groceries. They asked me how I was doing because I hadn't seen them in a long time. I think Dan was on the phone so I went out in the back. Him smoked a cigarette. Then he came out we were just talking about some of the hospital. He was at who was weird guy. Telephone call again and I just sat back outside and he went in to get it and he came back out and Lisa Pruitt came over. She said I could stay for fifteen minutes because her dad was waiting for in the car so Dan was showing her haircut Astor she wanted hers cutting was playing around and then he went around the corner. I don't know what they did. Dan came back around and she left. I guess we just sat there. Did he played his guitar and then he said that his parents were expected to leave around ten PM. But I could stay if I wanted to without his parents knowing so he told me to take the bike and go get him a pack of cigarettes so I took his bike and went up to the gas station Shaker Square which is right behind Rebecca than it went over the era Becca and sat down there. I was talking to Kevin Young in stand cramer. He just got off work and came over and sat down in. Kevin was all messed up then he was crying about some kidney manny or something like that because you went over to Iraq. He just kept crying. Insane wish manny was here here. I wish manny was here. Stan called his dad to come get them. Maybe like five or ten minutes later. His Dad came to pick them up. Then Kevin was crying. He's just kept crying. Ryan saying something about Manny and I told him to shut up then. We laughed and I went up Shaker Boulevard and he went the other way. I think it was down south woodland or something right before I got Dan South. I stopped like a little field thing and I use the bathroom in the field then I got back on. Dan's bike can went to his house. And I got there and I give them a cigarettes and he said Chris Jones was coming over and Lisa Pruitt and they were coming over I liked twelve thirty. Am and he asked me. If I wanted to stay talk to them. I told him no I was just GonNa go home. I gave him his bike and he put it in the garage and he went back in and I left. I went to the rapid stop and just sat there until it was around twelve midnight. I call my mom and astor call the rapid see what time they're supposed to come. And then I gave you the phone number to call me back at the payphone in after I got off the phone with her I sat down by the rapid tracks in the rap game. I don't remember how long it was. Then I got on and the rapid driver said something like like it was running late and he was sorry. I didn't say nothing to them. Until I got Shaker Square I just take it easy and then I went home and I got home and told my mom that I wasn't staying Dan because I didn't feel right about it called Deb Dry for college and we talked about how we missed each other. I got off the phone with her. I went to sleep the next day. I had to get up early because I had to go school and get my work permit so I got to school school. I went to Mr Wlaz office. Some lady told me he was with some girl who got murdered parents or something. It was the lady who is the Secretary for the office. She told me that and I told her I was just GonNa go to one of my friends houses until he came back and she said go ahead. I went to Dan dry hurts. I seen all the police and I thought maybe he commits suicide suicide or something so I started up the driveway but halfway up the drive. These two policemen stopped and asked me what I was doing. I said I'd come to see Dan. They told me wasn't home. I asked them what was going on. They told me to go. Watch the news. The one policeman asked me my name in where I went to school. What I was doing out of school that I went back to school and went to Mr Annandale's office in asthma fee? New was going on. He said a girl was murdered over there and I asked him the the name of who was killed in. He didn't say anything. I left his office on. I started back to laws office and I asked this girl who was killed and she said Lisa Pruitt PRUITT and I went to Mr Wlaz office in asked Michelle Vita Tonio who died. She said Lisa Pruitt. She was crying and I went in and got my work permit from Mr in. I went to Kevin Young South to tell them his mom. Answer the door and she wouldn't let me in because she didn't know I was. I told her it was really the important. She asked me if it had anything to do with. Lisa's death and I told her yeah and asked her if she told Kevin and she said No. I asked her if she wanted me to tell him and she said yeah she went up in woke up and and then me and him went downstairs to the pool table. I told them at least had been killed and he was like all all right and he said he'd meet at Arabic at around four PM and then I went to see if Jeremy Webster was at school so I could talk to him he was outside the school or anything and I started walking back and I seen Clark and some other guy in Clark was going crazy because the Lisa. I got sick of hearing hearing him so I walked home. I think when Rebecca to see if anybody was there and there was nobody in there so I left then I went home then. I call the police station to see if Dan was here or if any of his parents were here and somebody let Dan's dad on the phone and I told him deb was coming back then officer Mullany told me to come down and make a statement and I asked him if I could come in around four pm because waiting for Deb to come in. I got off the phone with him and I went to the rapid just sat there and Kevin came over. He got to Rebecca Lot sooner than four. PM then we was sitting there for a while. We got some coffee the at the shack. And then we've seen Jerry Izenberg. Ken Mitzvah Moto. Get off one of the rapids. So we went outside and Kevin Talk to them. And I walked away. Kevin came back and said they were going to a bank or something then. We walked over to Arabic and I think it was Dave Brannigan. I talked to and and he asked me how I was doing now. I said all right and then he asked me something else but I can't remember what it was. I left and went back to the rapid stop waited needed for DEB and she finally got off the only went back to my house and then I told Deb I had to go to the police station in. My mom wanted to come with me but I wouldn't letter. We both left my house Rebecca and then we got a ride from some guy named Bob so the police station. I got to the police station. And that's it before given this statement your vise of your constitutional rights. Did you fully understand them. Yes are you presently the under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. No was your mother aware that you are planning on spending the night at Dan Drivers House. Yes when did you tell your mother that you're planning on staying at Dan Draft House. When I called? Danny he said something about it and I said I wasn't sure. Do you know what time these arrangements were made. I don't know it was when I call Dan in his house to see when I could come over. Have you stayed at the driver's house before when Debbie was not home..

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