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Now, he says no law officers were hurt, but the lone suspect was shot and killed no name released. Her fist thirties confirming two people were arrested Sunday for the shooting death of a sixteen year old girl and McLeod that happened on Friday caylin Thomas shot in the head later died in an Oklahoma City hospital the suspects names, not yet released. It was a panic-stricken nine one one call which led midwest city police a home of the weekend. According to police chief Brandon claims tried to front door with with no avail. So we went around back and. Could look through a window, and I saw a male lying on the floor appeared to be dead at that point. So they made forced entry to the home Clave says the body of thirty two year old Justin Arbogast found inside the home had been shot. Twenty-seven-year-old Cameron Calloway is now jailed facing a first degree murder complaint. Federal authorities investigating the crash kill twenty people in rural New York over the weekend. Here's Evan Brown. The small upstate New York town of SCO, Harry west of Albany remains in shock over Saturday's limo crash which killed so many people eighteen of the victims were in the limousine, including the driver and the two pedestrians that were struck Chris 'Fiori with the New York state police the limo was rented by a family four adult sisters were celebrating one sister's thirtieth birthday, they had spouses and friends with them. The witnesses say the limo didn't stop at the three way intersection crashing into another vehicle in a parking lot Eban Brown. Fox news. Well, you can head out west if you wanna find a cannabis kitchen, here's Jim McKay with that just opened up in Tempe. Arizona new marijuana edibles kitchen. We have a ten.

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