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Throw shooter on the season was hopefully has some good luck up here. Carter steps with the basketball one dribble Benzes these shots on the way and it's good 87. 43 point lead for the Musketeers. Second free throw on the way and it is good. So it goes two for two on that trip. Zebra leads by 4 88 84 33. Seconds to go balls across the timeline acumen. With top of the key surprises left side, Carter turns you back. Step back three is on the way and it's good and we got a foul on the play. Step back three. He's found by Jason Carter. And now it's a one point lead with a free throw waiting. Marquette taken tied at 88 with 25.4 seconds to go. Yeah, I'm trying to steal. You gotta look like okay. Who can you trust? At this point, I would think that you could trust Jason Carter. But he just up to the free throw line and made two free throws with He just found a three point shooter. That's the No. No. One. He throws on the way it is good. We're tied at 88 25.4 seconds to go shot clock. His dark. Xavier has two timeouts left holding Jones over the ball game. Now Carter comes out of the ballgame. Save your own lead inbound the ball against full court pressure. Shot clock is dark. No time outs left for the Musketeers. Possession of favor Xavier Paul Scruggs. Now Marquette backs off the full court pressure. Paul's drugs brings it across the timeline. 20 seconds to go. Paul's drugs isolated one on one against Cuba High on the right 10.15 seconds on the game, Fox Tied at 88 10. Seconds to go nine seconds. Pulse drugs. It's a screen from Fremantle drivel to the free throw line. Hangs and shoots leaves up off the floor. Come picks it up. Step back shot is on the way. Three guys. Goodness. He had a three after the rebound came out through the top of the key Be the offender was in his face. He had to step back. Alleviate the pressure. He stepped beyond the three point line. Kunkle lofted a three and buries it. One of fantastic finish here at Cinta Center couple finishes with 19 points 66 from the free throw line, six of eight from the field. Xavier knocks off one final story or its symptoms. Be 1 to 88 0. My goodness that Kunkle, they're going to check the clock. We're going to check the clock, so maybe we're not done yet. Looks like it's all that's in the air. No questions. Adam Kunkle. What? Dave Armbrister Officiating, Day says. It's good, you say it's good. I say it's good. Let's see what the officials say. They say It's good. Had a number five or s on his chest with Superman. Joe. Wow, that was a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer splash. Was an amazing sequence. Paul Scrubs drove the lane a step back. Say 14 footer after he drove. It was sort of like jumped off 1 ft. He left it short perfectly so because it hit the rim and shout out far enough with crumpled grab it inside the top of the key, almost just maybe beyond it, But inside the three point arc, he wanted to shoot it quickly. Team was under time pressure, but he had a defender. So you took a dribble back. Then faded away. Flip the wrist and Xavier wins 91 to 88. What of Finnish? Unbelievable. All right, That's the final score. Xavier Wanna know in Big East play Xavier, now eight, and on the season again the score Xavier 91 Market 88..

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