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And what's the deal with drivers like Alonso being released? Is he? And will we see him in different colored overalls? We will probably not green over it. He's probably going to be wiring sort of stick style all white overalls because yeah, he won't officially be an Aston Martin driver until January 1st. I believe. But yeah, there's agreements in place, so Alonso will be testing the Aston Martin in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season. Pierre gasly will be driving the Alpine ahead of his move there next year. Nick devries he'll be in the AlphaTauri car as well. And it'll be a good chance for basically all of the teams if they can get in an incoming driver early than they will do that Oscar piastre. We know that's been agreed as well. That was revealed by Adam Cooper for auto sport earlier this week. So I think everyone's happy on that front and it's kind of on these things where it's like, you know that there's not a huge amount in terms of what they can gain because obviously testing is precious to F one, but it's still this year's car and it is more about, okay, how do you learn about getting used to the team and trying out the car and saying, well, I don't like the button on the steering wheel here or I want my seat in a slightly different sort of level or something I don't know. But yeah, just a good chance for them to get a bit of time to get used to the new surroundings and stuff. But yeah, basically everyone who is moving teams for next year, you'll see them with their new teams in the Abu Dhabi test. We're still waiting obviously to find out who's going to get that second half seat. We should find out by the time that we get to Abu Dhabi next week, I think. And yeah, they said they want that sewn up before the race in Abu Dhabi so they can get whoever is in the car. If it's make Schumacher or Nico hulkenberg in the car for the test. So ocon was 8th, Bottas was 9th. I've mentioned stroll and Vettel ten 11, Joe in 12th, followed by home by Mick Schumacher. The fast starting Mick Schumacher this weekend F Pierre gasly staying out of trouble just about actually well, no, not staying at a travel but importantly, no penalty points. So we'll see him racing again. Alex Alban 15th, Latifi 16th, Yuki tsunoda, classified 17th, some weirdness around the sporting regulations lapped cars may now overtake. You key. But you're not allowed to pass under the safety car, but actually they got it right. I don't think I've read it several times now. Our friend and colleague Chris medley has put a full explanation online for why he shouldn't have been allowed because he passed in the pit lane. He passed the safety car, the computers were right, he wasn't allowed to repast. Formula One doing what it does best, which would be really confusing at times. Alex, your thoughts on any other outstanding drives or drivers of mention before we finish up the podcast today. We just get on that sonoda thing. Yeah, very, very bizarre instant in just that because the cars are actually allowed to go at full speed to the pit lane entry and the exit. He was ahead at the timing line, so that's where all these commutation has come through sort of thing that the FIA probably needs to develop a system to make sure it can't happen again. But actually, according to mature, but also it played a part in why they didn't ask Carlos Sainz or, as you say, he said he was up for doing it. Why they didn't stop the positions around because actually Ferrari thought they were under investigation for a sort of safety car infringement regarding sonoda. And that sort of was all factored in and they were just like, ah, it's just too risky. Let's not do it. But yeah, very, very bizarre, also, not great look from the FIA to not let all the lapped cars pass once again after someone had that been in 2021, but yeah, I think just a word on Kevin Magnussen, I think and also the whole sprint race third one of the season. It was the best one by far. I know that because I didn't watch it live, I was in a charming pub in Hackney wick and I got text messages from both artists what chief editor Kevin Turner and Matt Q it's about the split race, which tipped me off that it must have been a good one so much so that I watched it when I got home and was quite vociferous in my judgments on the various instance because I can't actually happen. Anyway, yeah, the best so far. Again, still an open is it really good for F one? I think various circumstances conspired here to produce the interesting things that happened. You can't necessarily say it was all because of the sprint race that the great things happened at this race, but at the same time you can't also deny that it being a factor made those things happen. But yeah, just maybe some get in position. Brilliant result for him, brilliant result for Hass. A very likeable team for Steiner, what a character for Formula One, what a story for Kevin Magnussen jumping in. In a place of Nikita Mazepin, doing accidentally this season has gone missing a few times, I think is fair to say. But he certainly certainly made his mark with that historic pole position. So well done to him and I just a real shame that ultimately, even though the sprint race sort of went as you'd expect to get fell back because the much faster guys came by and just really unfortunate and not at all his fault for being taken out of the main event. Yeah, and you are the editor of auto sport dot com, good reasons to stay tuned to the homepage over the next couple of days because stuff always comes out. People say things, decisions get made, like Alfa Romeo, just been fined a €1000 for having a team member. Very close to, I think it was the Haas pit. I did watch that replay. It was picked up on the F one TV. I watch it on the app, most of the time. And I thought, that's a weird position for a team member to be sent. Almost applauding. It was weird. I was like, what are you doing? I wish he was. He was like a slow clap that he was doing as the house guy came in. I'm like, what are you doing? Nowhere near your Alfa Romeo pit box, they've been fined a €1000 for a team member not being where they should be. Stay tuned. That's the right thing to say. Keep your eyeballs on auto sport. Dot

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