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Be circumcised now here the bible's antipathy gonna talk about said two i did things it's now going this to talk morning about things i want us that to are look added at five to the word things of god that you must do how many to religions make a decision have added not to to the be word of god they use what the word of god says plus what soandso as sattar soandso has written the notice noticed the admonition here i testified every man that hear the words of this promises of a advani mancial add under these things god show added to him the plagues that are written in this book and if any man shall take away the words that look of this prophecy god she'll take away his par on the book of life and now the holy city in from the things which are written in this book he which testify these things saith surely i come quickly aim and even so come lord jesus the grace of our lord jesus christ be with you all a man now the admonition here's twofold admonition is that we shall not adding anything and we already mentioned that there are many religions that do but may i caution is all this morning that not only do religions do but sometimes we do maybe it's through tradition may be it's through our interpretation our speculation more likely but there are some things that god is silent on.

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