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Uh what when he go east of the rockies to joe in new york city hey joe yeah hi michael fascinating stuff a couple of quacks can warm would be uh possible like and works of water and waterfall uh i you know the bottom of the cat and have that bad misjudgement for mistakes they're also there are based jumper set wide their bicycles uh often then power shoot i ask you about that and that you know on the highline trailing glacier paul some woman uh admitted that she put heard push toward new hawes spent over the a wedge well god that was a couple of years ago jerry kenya's to the colorado or do you mean rao whitewater rapids on the route so where do you mean people jumping off a waterfalls oh yeah what do you mean i think joe's gone well let's take that one about the diving off a waterfalls into water when you're diving from a really high spar it in a have a few of their bitter feud desperate people are jumping off advaucu falls which is about a hundred and ten feet and then also going over a looney falls which one hundred ninety six feet which is higher than niagara and uh knows there are there are people capable of diving correctly those heights the putting where it's pretty rare talent but there's nobody who can stand hitting the bottom when they had the water so you know the bottom is unforgiving so there have been death like that there's been a lot of waterfall deaths and how this you were various swimming under i'm going over the top and so on and so on it's it's all in kind of uh what we call the freak accidents kind of even though some of them are not accidents we call it freak accidents uh the base jumping thing uh there have been several based jumper them wing suit yes it's extremely dangerous sport with a high probably the highest mortality rate of any outdoor activity period is our wing through base jumping and other that only a few.

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