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Twenty three years Cummings passed away last week at the age of sixty eight years in Paris ten mac Cummings received a military escort as he entered the U. S. capitol for the last time the congressman had advanced to chair the house oversight committee becoming a key figure in the last few years of tumultuous investigations here's house speaker Nancy Pelosi Elijah Cummings son of sharecroppers master of the house it is my official and personal and sad honor to welcome chairman of life it coming at all who loves him to this celebration of his life Cummings became the first African American lawmaker to lie in state in the U. S. capitol his funeral will take place Friday in Baltimore with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama scheduled to speak to mac NPR news Washington the day after president trump announced a permanent ceasefire between Turkey and Kurdish fighters in northern Syria the Turkish government is accusing the Kurds of attacking and wounding its military personnel this coming week and a half after trump pull back US forces essentially clearing the way for Turkey to launch its offensive against the Kurds who for years have been US allies against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq NPR's tumbled reports president plans to keep some Americans behind to guard oil fields the Syrian government of Bashar Assad wants those oil fields back under government control defense secretary mark as for has said the US control of the oil fields would send a message to isis in other groups trying to grab the oil fields now one US official tells NPR the use of tanks will be designed to send a message to the Syrian government's Russian allies more so than ISIS or other groups to base we stay away from the oil fields that's in Paris Tom Bowman reporting you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm terrace Siler thousands of people remain under evacuation orders because of the fast moving Kincaid fire in cinema county cinema county sheriff mark as sick early as you've heard with approximately ten thousand acres have been burned with zero percent containment the sheriff's office has issued evacuation orders with ours public safety partners which cover approximately two thousand people in the guise of area and in the hills east of guys are bill the fire is bringing back memories of the devastating and deadly places that killed forty four in the area two years ago as X. as many people felt better prepared Thursday when they were than they were two years ago but that doesn't mean they should have they should wait to leave as it says officials have had problems with some people not wanting to evacuate he says firefighters need to fight the fire rather than worry about rescuing people fire officials say the fire started last night near the geysers the cause of the fire is still under investigation meantime another round of intentional blackouts could be coming to northern California as soon as this weekend P. Jeannie chief meteorologist Steve stressful says another hot windy systems expected Saturday night through Monday afternoon cast Lotto that we look at such as the European model suggests that this could be the strongest wind event of the season unfortunately and potentially stronger than the October nine through eleven PSCS of and the genie CEO bill Johnson says that means another large preventative power shut off could be called I'm TerraCycle KQED news support comes from Stanford health care where patients and physicians.

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