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It's morning edition on wnyc i'm richard hake good morning it's eight thirty currently thirty nine degrees and light rain falling in new york city alternate side of the street parking regulations are suspended for greek orthodox good friday and prepare over meteo rules are still in effect chance of rain and snow this morning otherwise cloudy today wnyc is supported by valley health system valley delivers distinctive healthcare to northern new jersey and southern new york patient stories are online at my story dot valley health dot com doyle at home auctions offering ray of furniture decorations and works of art from states and collections across the nation bidding and consignment information at doyle dot com support for the greenspace wnyc street level state of the art events venue and broadcast studio at forty four charlton street is provided by the jerome l greene foundation it's morning edition on wnyc i'm richard hake april is national poetry month we're asking listeners to submit their best original work but hold on there's twists will give you a different topic or assignment every week and joining us now to explain the rules of the game wnyc shumita basu chamisa good morning i'm warning richard or are we doing this okay here's how it's going to go down every friday will give you a new poetry challenge and you'll have just less than a week to submit your palm and then we'll recap some of our favorite listener submissions at the end of the month but to start your first poetry challenge if you choose to accept it is right upon about your commute commute we're gonna give angry poems aware is my f exactly yes we're going to get some angry ones but who knows maybe someone wants to write in ode to they're really pleasant train ride or their bike commute or i don't know if anyone's lucky enough to have a walking commute.

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