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The Second Guidance Been Journal and nine technician sequence. Spence, nuts. Three To. One space. Meals, good. Hello again, thank you for joining us. This is the space that's podcast episode, two hundred and seven. My name is Andrew. Dunkley your high school with me as always is professor Fred, Watson. Astronomer Lodge Heidi afraid. I Andrew how you going. I am quite well Sir and how you yes very. Stealing piece still. Most bitter working, it's all good. Yeah well. I'm no longer in isolation on back at. Work, this WACO. Back in the radio station back in my office it's as bad as normal as it can get under the circumstances, but It's almost three months since I was actually working from yard used to work. And it's It feels quite strange even right now because I'm recording the podcast at the radio station which I have not done since. March I guess. so it's all. It's all a little bit. We'd and you look I. Don't mind a deadlock admitting to era because. For Stop they very few when it comes to me, but I had such a terrible time getting back on the radio and working through the desk after three months of broadcasting from harm to retrain my Brian as to how to use the the disc. There's an old thing in radio called second. Syndrome usually when you're doing your I shifted a new radio station or your first shift. Ever you concentrating so much, don't generally make any mistakes. But then the second day. You're a bit more relaxed and the whole world caves in on. You generally will familiar this. It was third day syndrome. Could not having a secondary syndrome IDA third day syndromes. Our that's law, if isn't that. Coming Up Fred, we talked a bad whether or not aliens have visited Earth last week, not that they visited us last week, but that's what we discussed last week. and now almost becoming habit of as we talk about these things, and then a new report pops up. That says Oh what so well. There's a new theory about intelligent life in our galaxy, so we'll be looking into that There's a project that's being slighted. Full the Moon where they got it possibly send rover to look for water. to be pretty good reasons behind that and I think..

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