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I made this Philly <hes> my best bet when she made her American debut at Canterbury on June the twenty second and she finished fourth beaten two and a half links at day didn't have the best of trips lacked room at the three sixteenths sixteenths finished willingly. That's the chart description <hes> and that's number eight Spectra Light <hes> I think she's going to improve. She's put blinkers on <hes> although it says she wore blinkers in her last start art so I don't know if that's true or false but either way I like her. I think I think she's got talent. She had a good racing post rating <hes> coming into her last race so we know she's got some ability. This is not a deep field. <hes> <hes> I thought Princessa Carolina <hes> Carolina has probably the right way to say it. Since it sounds like its Spanish name Princess Caroliina <hes> Kennedy mcpeek Philly she ran eighth Nathan the regret <hes> but she was wide and you can't go wide in turf races and expect to do any good that race was a mile and an eighth. I think this race suits are a little bit better and she'll have a a nice stretch kick Chris. Amy Takes the call <hes> she's at three chimneys farm philly so you know they have respect for her. I like Indigo. Jin Knows Chevy undefeated on turf. She got beat in her debut. When wire-to-wire Hawaii Tampa next start tried the all weather at Arlington before I went hardy put back on the turf? She survived on the lead again as she's been forwardly placed in all of us starts but I don't think she necessarily needs the lead. <hes> she gets a ride a change to fluffy improtant here. He's pretty aggressive. He's either aggressive or white. They'll be just aggressive in here. I don't see a lot of other speed. <hes> hopefully just puts into go jin on the Bill Daley see if we can get Indigo Jin flag faulted. That's all I would use Delta's kingdom a little bit. She didn't have a great trip in the regret from Belmont Adam biscuits climbs aboard <hes> maybe if the speed comes back she'll be come Shokhin Paulin Jigsville one metex spectra light make sense and maybe even <hes> ambassador Luna on the far outside to sprints to a route. We'll see if this daughter brethren he. She should have notes trouble handling to turns a little bit of a long shot. Look for me but Indigo James and my top pick and respond to all right halfway home. We come back. We'll stay at Arlington..

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