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LaRussa work and listening to the way he relates to players and deals with players. I go back so far with Tony, I would watch him. Hang around the batting cage and picked the brains of our weaver. Sparky Anderson. I've heard stories every day, his team meetings with the Cardinals in dealing with players, how we have to do it what we need to do to win this game, and I tell you, I can't say how many times I would see the Cardinals coming to Houston in April pick to finish fourth or fifth and what Tony would sell to the players in this Keep your head down. This has been I worked at the Washington Post has been Brad. Get down ass up and just worry about today when the when the next thing I don't look at anything. Don't look at the standings. Just play the game, and by the time they would roll back into Houston in August, they have a seven game lead in the division. He is there has not been a better manager in the history of baseball and Tony Lewis, if you could tap into all that It's got to be a huge temptation to do I mean, There's none better. Richard. How do you believe Tony would handle The 2020 Major League baseball player. Someone like Tim Anderson, who plays with a lot of energy hits, a home run and bat flips. Would Tony adjust to The style that's being played today and is more acceptable than it was when he was last managing. Tony watches five games every night. He'll he understands, And he also understands why this is happening that the commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred, and wants to see more personality in the game. You know when you watch the World Baseball Classic Why does it appear that all the joy and energy is in the Dominican dugout and in the Puerto Rican dug out? Why are they having so much fun? It's okay to have fun and to show that you're having fun. The Let your emotions go when you watch Ronald Junior Junior play baseball. You can't help but get excited about it. That has changed. Cantoni adjusted that no questions be adjusted that because that's where we are in the game right now, in every manager in every era has come back. I mean, I have heard a J. Complain about things, you know player dealing with players reality versus a manager's reality. It's one of those things you have to deal with every day. How you deal with players. Well, how about Richard the part with the White Sox fan base? What would you say to a A fan who says Well, I don't want a J. Hinch because he was involved in the cheating scandal. Legit, completely legit. A J knows he's gonna have to answer it. At every interview, he goes through. He's going to have to answer it in front of the media on their questions that haven't been answered like a J. This As close as I am to the thing. When did you find out about it? And the question that thinks he can answer You know, he broke TV screen. He broke phones all expresses our all you had to do was go to certain people and say this has to stop today. Orders. Do it were coming from your boss that that is a little more problematic. But I think transparent sunlight is the best cure for all of this. Just tell what you did, and he said he will say, you know, I screwed up I and he will also said What I waas a person And as a man of your 2017 is not what I waas a person and then 2019. He was still feeling his way around then and when you're in a very strong organization Very data driven organization. And you're you Let your ambition saying is, we said about players in this game. Sometimes you let your ambition and good judgment get in the light of morning. Richard. There's still significant amounts of hostility and animosity directed at. Maybe it's more so the commissioner's office for the penalty that they did or did not an act or O R. Maybe It's at the players the Astros themselves. But when it comes to free agents wherever a J. Hinch is managing next Do you believe that high priced free agents will make a decision based on money or will some of them Turn away from an A J. Hinch manage team because of what transpired. Do you think Deacon. There's one deciding factor in free agency cash. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I know. I know some, like George Springer. He's one of the best players I've ever dealt with. And he is the most important player in this run of five years, seven year run the Astros were having, and he may play your last game tonight. He's going to go with the most money. I mean, I know that you could say otherwise. You know that you want to go. You know where the where The schools are good of where you were the come out. You're going to go where the money is because we only get one shot at this. Richard as we let you go. I just want to reiterate for those who are just tuning in to make sure we heard you write that you are hearing is well that the job is, Tony LaRue says if he wants it I wouldn't go that far. He's close to Gerry. They have discussed it. Beyond that. I just think Tony Tony is going to sit down and decide how seriously he wants to pursue it. And my my gut feeling is and I have not spoken to them. My God is He's going to decide to pass on it. But again, there's no other way to complain to replace that competitive edge, and he loves it more than anybody I've ever been around. There's a reason they used to say to me to go in the car. Don't ask me in four hours. People, buddy. It's OK. And so if you were a betting man, you would would you predicted a. J. Hinch then for the reasons you just mentioned would be the Sox manager. Yes, that would be my That would be my bet again, so you can have uncomfortable conversations with Jerry Ryan. Good stuff, Richard. We appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks, Richard. Thank you for having me go. There you go. Richard Justice, the writer. My eyes got my eyes got big when he said he said it the start of the interview it, Chris, did he walk it back a little bit of the end there. Cause I thought it first, he said that it was his job if you want the same thing, Yeah, he definitely study at 1st may be a little walk back, but I think there's still some things we kind of have to follow the story line. Still right? It sounds as if it would be upto LaRussa to say no, I hope these are two guys in Arizona who want to catch up over some deli food. That's it. That's it. Well, yeah, Let's have a corned beef sandwich and let's catch up and then then we'll move on and you can go back to what you're doing. Kony's all all in for backflips. Now, from what I understand I Yeah, he was. He was a big fan of ah of LaRussa 3323776. It's Waddle and Selvi Listeningto Watling.

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