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A much better offense than what he has in indie right now. Mina. How quickly they forget Robert. I mean, the MVP season Julio, of course, that was his peak year in sinew was really great back then as well. You look at this colt's wide receiving core and that to me is the weakness of this roster. Also, lately, we've seen Matt Ryan being knocked over constantly. But back in 2016, the falcons actually had a really good offensive line in devonta Freeman. That's part of the reason why they had the number one offensive football. I will see the defense, but I think it's, I think it's close. That's why I see. It's a team sport, it's a team game. That's why I said the best overall team. Office and defensive side. I know everyone wants to get, you know, show the love on the offensive side as relates to the falcons. But I think the Indianapolis coach had a more complete disrupted more complete team all the way around. I mean, let's just be honest too. The falcons were still in the playoff hunt, like down the stretch last year, and they had basically Kyle Pitts and cordel Patterson, and that was it on the offensive side of the ball. So if Matty Ryan can maybe keep the wheels on track here, the colts do have a good roster. I just don't know if it's the best. Roster that he's ever have. Coming up. Russell Wilson seems to be adjusting to his new scenery out in Denver, but will he be able to adjust to a new offense, find out that Mina thinks Denver will just let Russ cook. Plus more. Here on NFL live. As my internship comes to a close today, I've been tasked with training my replacement for the Broncos newest summer intern. You gotta remember, schedule release, it's top secret information, and you never know who might be trying to get their hands on it. I mean, these insiders, they are determined borderline ruthless. To get their hands on the scoop. Hey. Come on. You see what I mean? Look at this guy. You're taking any notes? Most important things, all about the ball, take care of the bees and what about the schedule? Does.

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