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Wchs just like rachel and leah yeah i guess there's some cultural memory of mandrakes being the old way to to get her interested that was there that was their nickname so quayle actually have a very dark history and play a very dark role in the history of south africa and the former what they call the frontline states mozambique angola zambia former british colonies there was during the apartheid years something called project coast which was an attempt to use chemical weapons within south africa on its own population black population on its black on its increasingly restless and uncontentious population franchise like areas and a man called dr voter basson who obviously has a has an afrikaans name great mad scientists name he used quayle leads as a crowd control device actually what added it into teargas and attempted to use it to control mass movements of crowds this do queles work when respirator the tests for this word i mean the he actually used this stuff i mean you don't have to test it like you test it on real people he and this was during also a time when saddam hussein was working on his he did have chemical weapons program it's just not the one that precipitated the war that we instigated he had different weapons of different kinds of destruction and most of them were long long long gone but he was experimenting in and he had a relationship with water bustle oh really i mean did it access of quayle they understood they were following one another's work mutual fans dr vessel actually ended up at one point he was held for a while by police in croatia carrying forty million dollars in vatican bearer bonds which he was using in an attempt to procure to purchase five hundred kilos of quayle it's this is during the apartheid era he was sent out on this mission to get like how are we going to get this stuff you know.

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