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There's about four different stages of sleep that we kind of analyze and qualify as being in sleep and so re- she was able to improve all of these different factors. Wow that's crazy. Who knew that a medicinal mushroom could have that much power? We're looking for a lot of people. They're turning towards synthetic supplements or synthetic over over the counter and prescription medications to try to improve their sleep. But what happens is it's more like pseudo sleep when we're taking some of these drugs that have like this masking taking effect where we're unconscious but we're not actually going through our sleep cycles effectively and efficiently and so we wake up and I know this because this was my life back when I was struggling with my health both and I would be a fog I ice. I was unconscious for certain amount of time but I I was not feeling refreshed. I wasn't waking up feeling good good and it took several hours for me to kind of snap out of that fog and I go through that every single day it was. It was tortured and now realizing that there are certain nutrients that have I've been around new nutritive foods and herbs that have been around for thousands of years that we have access to today. And so for me. I utilize the forcing matic attic reshi elixir before bed and it's a dual extraction. It's organic dual extraction of mushroom. The reason this is important. Is that the dual extraction is actually getting all these compounds. You hear study like this. Was it a how hot water extract was an alcohol extract. We don't know but you're getting all of that with the medicinal mushroom formulas from four. We're sick matic because they're doing a dual extraction so. I'm a huge fan of forcing matic and I highly encourage you to get some Rishi in your cabinet. All right and and so for me I love to have a couple Rishi. Maybe thirty to forty five minutes before. This is my wind down pro process. And it's just something that I love to do in definitely thinly.

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