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One. We'll call it an easy ride all the way up past the Lingfield Tunnel. My king WBC's traffic on the three's not so slow but pretty hot wind out there right now we've got that from the Southwest. Just about 17 Miles an hour and the fact that it's in the nineties across much of the state still upper eighties. It definitely does have that blow dryer in your face effect out there very humid as well. We've got low tonight just 76 degrees again. Very sticky. If you've got to Window open for sleeping tonight, A fan is going to be a must for tomorrow. Sunny, humid high near 97. Forecasters are saying we could make a run for a record over at Logan. That would be 99 degrees. Real fields tomorrow. Once again over 100 degrees here Wednesday, mix of sun and cloud clouds rather in high near 95 live. Local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ NewsRadio. Heat wave looking like it should wrap up on Thursday. We've got the four day WBZ accurately forecast coming up at 7 53 right now again. It's 90 degrees in Boston. That feels like 99 at 7 45. Good evening. I'm Nicole Davis. Great to be with you tonight, as always. Here are the five things you need to know. 19 year old Jack Callahan of Ducks very expected to be arraigned tomorrow after he was arrested connected to that drowning an Island Creek pond. No word on the charges against him. The Vita says it's building new, dedicated bus lanes in six cities around Greater Boston, including Brookline, Lynn and Revere. The death toll climbing to 11 now in last week's partial condo building collapsed near Miami. More than 150. People are still unaccounted for. In Washington, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is urging Democratic leaders to keep it bipartisan infrastructure deal separate from a sweeping spending bill backed by Democrats. Back to the weather at 7 46. It has yet to be seen. If this week's expected heat wave will have a negative impact when it comes to outdoor dining. WBC's James Rojas has more on that from the North end. For most folks I'm talking to here in the north end. Eating outdoors in this heat isn't a bad idea as long as they're stayed, and a breeze as long as it's shaded. I like to eat outside. If it's not treated like there is in the spot that can be out of the sun. When it's this hot, I'm probably gonna go eat inside. Now. Not every outdoor patio has an umbrella.

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