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They had less in may but a bigger gates they charge more per ticket. The demand was higher. I there's a couple of people. I know that went to that card so i think i'm gonna. I'm an ask them because really when it came down to main event like every seat was taken but there was large chunks that paper per view where you just kept seeing these empty seats. Sixteen thousand six hundred and four this past saturday. Three point four million was the The gate and yeah A little bit of star power was lacking to right. Did i miss it. I mean i'm co hosting this. Watch along with you. But i'm looking. They showed a few fighters they showed brannon marino and juliana pignon. But i i didn't see like a big a lot of celebrities from other sports or entertainment did. Did you see that. Just roger clemens. I remember that then. Texas Governor Becky no man always throw these like little bastard or someone that you just don't really know like you get it. There obviously probably popular. But you don't like how popular right really a rapper. Nowadays you just make that up. But i bet you there's a little bastard bastard that'd be great all right Look the other fights your free to chime in on if you want again. Big wins for song it on diesel torres rafael physi- have any thoughts on those three. I kinda bobby. Green winning that fight But it was a great fight at definitely deserved. Fight of the night funny because the position that they were in. You still gotta sweat out. Five more fights right Might have been six six more fights Get that that bonus. But i think when that when the main event started i think bobby was priority spending that money. It's prey on amazon at that point. What about herman's leg. Holy cow or look pal on his on his shin at joked around that like he towards the end of that file is almost looking like tony. Soprano goes to get the newspaper that he was just plot. Atten looked pretty miserable out there. I don't know Or your legal out. there man. Talk with nails did not want the fight stop. What was it. Twenty eight hundred twenty seven minutes something like that. He got a lot of c- relieved. This was number. Twenty seven for Fighter now he's forty years old so season three was probably be around if i had asked two thousand Six ish believe so. Yeah probably fifteen years alone just cnn. Whatever fights the had before then crazy. That's so hard to do. It really really is hard to be able to do that for so long. You look guys like jim miller. Jolo's on really really made this not only a career. But at the highest level that's amazing herman's one of those guys jessica penayiotou straight thirty Thirty eight years of age but since she's come back remember. She sat out from april of twenty seventeen to april of twenty twenty one. That's a four year layoff now. A lot of it obviously had to do with what happened with the you saw that she had at four year suspension. She was able to negotiate or maybe appeal got brought down but either way she did not for four years but now she's come back with two wins on one of those she produces a win. Boat is so. I have some good money to put in your pocket after not being able to make an income for four years. Yeah th awesome only that you know. Shoot up pretty good Currently nicole cabbage. I just don't know what the hell's going on there what what's going to happen but jessica penny went in. There ended her job and still not sure what we have with. Jessica penny i know. She fell short one time already but She can put together a couple of fights and look the way she did in this fight. I don't see how she can be overlooked. But that that's that's that's just the may be wishful thinking. I think now at this point this week the uc's off they come back on august. Twenty first with kelvin gas versus Jared cannon here. Some other big fights on that card. Include chase sherman. He's back vince Versus awesome hubbard brandon roy versus alexander. Pant toha Brian kelly her clay guido horses mark madsen. So they got some names. They're hoarding casey's back abdul razaaq. A hassan is back. All right this will be at the apex here in las vegas this was gonna be cannon air versus kosta but cannon is now facing gas lower the cost the back then said i'd never signed the contract but he signed another contract. I'll tell you guys about it on the roundup that keene did one of our colleagues at midday junkie. Tackle that in just a second but we do have. Bela tor npfl. On friday at the same time so be available on. Espn two at six pm. Pacific nine pm easter with their main card which features lightweights lightweight welterweight in semi finals. The winners whoever wins is in the finals in october where they fight for million bucks. The headline bout there is roy. Mcdonald versus ray. Cooper the third. Ray cooper's defending champion. He's a two thousand nineteen champion of course in two thousand twenty. The nfl did not have season. Roy mcdonald a former Bela tor welterweight champion former c. title contender. And now he's the pf l. That's a big big main event but then delta goes yeah well we got some names to they got geoghegan musashi defending against john salter gig. Arkansas sees a former strikeforce light heavyweight champion. He's defending his belt or middleweight title. But let's not forget he's also cage word former cage warriors champ floor champion dream title to. I'm not mistaken either. World victory road a cam- camera what it was. But the the big one Strikeforce light heavyweight title that he won and so now he's back at one. Eighty five against john salter. John saulters finished all but one of his fights. Gay guards finished thirty eight of his forty seven. So do not blink that one. I don't think that goes to the judge's decision. But they start at the same time. So goes i got a question for you. Everyone's got two. Tv's three tv's five. Tv's.

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