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Than anything else. By the way, the pole I mentioned this in the first five minutes and then we've we've we've gone off and done some other stuff throughout the last couple hours. The poll is up at 6 20. W T. M. J on Twitter. You can put it on the whole. Yes. Tell us again Pancake, the Paul And how people are voting right now. Because we're looking to gauge how you're feeling tonight. And really before tomorrow night, Okay, So it is worded as follows. Finally here. How do you feel heading into tomorrow to you? Does it feel like tomorrow is Christmas morning an appointment for a root canal the first day of school. Important to note that unlike the last pole that we ran on W. Th J nights, which was our negative political ads against each other This is open all day. So this will be open. Come Showtime tomorrow and we will have the final results, so this is something that's open all day early returns. 64% of the vote. Don't take a guess. I'm going to say 64% are thinking dentists root canal. You got it and then After that first day of school and then very, very slim after that, Christmas morning, Alright, so totally open through the night and into tomorrow, Then we'll let you know how the How are vote for our pool panned out by the time we get going tomorrow, So it has been a while since All of us have been together on the night show. I was in the earlier slot last week before that Tony Bedrock was on assignment for the prior three weeks. We can get into that. But last week Major major event. Aim a significant No shake your have a significant Development. In the ongoing saga that is Hill, Waris and W. T. M. J Nights. Got something special in the mail. Oh, baby. No turning back now. Details to follow. Don't go anywhere more W G M. J Night's coming up. Keep your distance from others. But stay close to us on your radio. Your smartphone.

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