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Just just i i wanted. I wanted to be in the development meaning when somebody came up with that title for the movie. Because i'd have been like. I need to quit right now. I'm never going to come up with a better movie title. The rest of my life than that. So indiana jones raiders of the lost ark number. Sixteen on my sweet sixteen favorite movies of all time which brings us to number fifteen. Aaron believes this is a dude code violation. But i have gone with the wind at number fifteen. This is. i used to watch this once every year and has haven't watched it in several years. But i mean you wanna talk. This is the alternate old school. Hollywood epic before. Cgi when they were using actual extras for everything. And clark gable is rhett butler dude. Dude you wanna talk about timeless. That guy's nickname should be dude code. Okay i mean does it get any freaking cooler than car gable. In general of course the controversy surrounding this movie. Frankly my dear. I don't give a damn and the whole controversy about having that line in the movie at that time i mean nowadays you put your kids. And they watch the disney channel and They're told i don't give a damn but back. Then it was. It was a scandal for clark gable to utter that line unedited in a movie Everybody has this film considered one of the ten greatest movies of all time by any objective list. If you If you adjust for inflation. It's i think one of the five or six highest-grossing movies of all time. It's about a period it in an encapsulates historical period that i've always been very fascinated by which is that. Which is the civil war era. When i grew up as a kid i watched the blue and the gray the north and the south all that kind of stuff studied bunch of that in school and everything else And the cinematography. It's it's it came out the same year as another movie. That's gonna be on this list here in a little bit. And i wouldn't say that it's quite that impressive but still when you look at the landscape and the way you realize that they made this movie almost seventy five years ago. It's it's it's pretty incredible. And i absolutely love the film. Love it and this is the kind of movie by the cold wintry desolation day or a soldiery hot summer day. You want to go outside and you have three and a half hours to kill. This one is right up your alley so gone with the wind is number fifteen on my list. I've seen it once. It was a longtime ago before. I was married so more than twenty years ago. It's made almost no impact on me other than the obvious scenes that i can remember which makes me think i need to go back and watch it Again i but this this. I will say this th this only we're only two in. This is a perfect day. Sian melding so far indiana. I mean most people would be from one of those two the other one. Is that what you're saying. If this is the quality of the list so far. I'm in now erin this dude code violation and not just one of the lead male characters name is ashley. Shit is f-. I made the case that i want to make. I'll get fired on the spot like that's ever before true Here's the thing though. I'll i'll give you a pass on this. Now if there was like a musical. Like rogers and hammerstein or a west side story on your list somewhere then it would be like burn this list with fire. I agree agree. But there's not so number thirteen. Moolah there's no late is like les miz. I think is a good movie but but if it was paired with gone with the wind in any top twenty any top sixteen list than no jonah hill. Gif i still think. Shakespeare in love is a better movie than saving private ryan. Down here and remember. The big controversy that year at the oscars won best picture. I saw both movies. I do and it's a good move. It is a good move and and saving private ryan opening. Ten minutes is the best picture of the year the rest of the movie. I don't like i don't and you know what i don't like about. It is really got really i to this day. I believe they vietnam world war two. We're not doing anything noble here. What's the point of all this. We just wanna go home. Nothing's happened here. That's the rest of the movie starts off with the this heroic stand on the on the beaches of northern france. Okay and then. The rest of the movie is tom. Hanks is essentially Tom cruise in born on the fourth of july. Just wants out. it's dumb stupid. what are we doing it. Pissed me off watching it. I have not seen the movie since. I saw it in theaters because it made me so mad watching it at the time that might be one. You need to see you know. Yeah the misreading okay. It's one i need to see a war is he. So i mean it wasn't they weren't all. Gi joe undergrad. Kind of gi joe. But this wasn't denying in the summer of seventy man. Okay you know this. We're not we're not we're not. We're not practicing military masturbation to lbj's domino theories you see. This is freaking existential. You know end of the world kinda stuff in. Everybody knew it you know and i really didn't like the You know We're just gonna mail at in here. What's the point you know doesn't make any sense i. It really bothered me when i saw them. Do you remember that allowed before. Perhaps best reflects broke. But okay i got to number fourteen on. The list is avengers endgame. And we've done so much about this movie in the past couple of years i..

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